Reasonably priced Enterprise/Server SSD's in Europe ?

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Oct 9, 2018
So I've been running my main vSphere host on 4 250G WD Blue SSD's in Raid5 for a while now. I went for the Blues as my raid controller somehow hated the Samsung 850EVO/PRO's. Now I know that running consumer SSD's like that is anything but best practice (especially for hosting a ton of VM's) and it's been catching up to me. My datastore is basically full and I've been having critical target errors on various sectors and different VM's. Rebooting the VM's gets rid of the errors so my guess would be that there's no actual corrupted data, but rather that the array can't keep up with the I/O.
I want to migrate to a Raid10 now, but finding the right SSD's can be a pain, especially in the Enterprise/Server/Business Market. I've been eyeing the Intel 540 range (consumer) as they're readily available and affordable, but they don't seem to fare too well with 4k Random Reads according to these tests. The Samsung SM863's seem great, but they're fairly hard to get and very expensive. The 883 DCT's seem to be an option too.
Am I missing any options here ? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Jun 15, 2016
Have a look at the Intel D3-S4510 SATA SSDs. They sell from 0,22€/GB excl. VAT in Germany.

Also: Make sure your RAID Controller can handle the load.
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