1. D

    FS: NetApp FAS2650 HA Storage Array w/ (24) 900GB 10k SAS HDDs

    I no longer have use for this so I am parting ways with my NetApp FAS2650 HA (Dual Controller) Storage array. The system works perfectly and I have zeroed it so it is ready to be reinitialized by the next owner. I am asking $3000 + shipping for the system which includes the following: * (1)...
  2. M

    Reasonably priced Enterprise/Server SSD's in Europe ?

    So I've been running my main vSphere host on 4 250G WD Blue SSD's in Raid5 for a while now. I went for the Blues as my raid controller somehow hated the Samsung 850EVO/PRO's. Now I know that running consumer SSD's like that is anything but best practice (especially for hosting a ton of VM's) and...
  3. AveryFreeman

    NAPP-IT bug: zpool add disks to mirror, pool incorrectly reported non-existant

    Hi, So I am 100% new to Napp-It, I'm running it in a VM on ESXi 6.7 using Omni-OS uname -a SunOS napp-it01 5.11 omnios-r151026-51c7d6fd75 i86pc i386 i86pc (I started with the Jan 2018 Napp-in-One image and upgraded it after changing the publisher to Omni-OSCE since I got an error when...