Oracle-branded HGST drives unusable in KTN-STL3?

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Feb 22, 2020
I don't know. Maybe firmware bug, bad implemention or how the rest of the chain (for me DS4243 with 6G-canisters from Dell) (mis-)implements this.

Another very good advice: if you play with idle/standby on SAS-disks, never ever activate idle_c and standby_y/z together. Only one of them, never both. This will also prevent the disk from spinning up. Seagate had a paper:

Funny these marketing, green, powerchoice, it all goes down to idle or standby and was already there.

Maybe an extra thread about discussing 'best practice per usecase' the modepages would be a good idea...I'm thinking, because ARRE/AWRE, BMS and different timeouts are a good thing.
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