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    Oracle-branded HGST drives unusable in KTN-STL3?

    Hi all, Recently got some 4TB Oracle-Branded HGST drives with the hopes of using them in my storage array, but it appears they must have some kind of custom firmware that prevents them from being used outside of Oracle systems. The drives show up fine on my proxmox host, but the drives seem...
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    KTN-STL3 with 15 x 3TB on the way...how would YOU configure?!

    Hey Everyone— I have a couple of EMC KTN-STL3 enclosures on the way with 45TB (15 x 3TB) in each. These will be replacing the RAIDs I have on both of my Mac Pro servers, which host my media archive in 2 different locations. The included 45TB is more than I need currently. My 2 servers currently...
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    EMC KTN-STL3 with Areca ARC-1680ix-8

    Hey Everyone— I've been looking for a more reliable yet not-ridiculously-expensive way to house RAID disks for my own use and for a couple of small business clients. I've tried Sans Digital TR4 and TR8 enclosures, and they are just complete junk. Even spending $300-400 on a TR8 yields you a...