1. M

    Oracle HGST and 9300-16i no spin up

    Hello all. I recently got my hands on 10 Oracle branded HGST 10TB drives. I bought an LSI 9300-16i off ebay and flashed the firmware to IT mode. I attached one of the HGST drives and absolutely nothing happens. I started my diagnostics and searches. After confirming the firmware was flashed...
  2. K

    Unable to post after installing Oracle branded Samsung PM1750 NVMe SSD (2.5") on Supermicro x10drh-ct

    Hi everyone, I have 2 of these Oracle branded Samsung 3.2TB NVMe SSD MZ-WLK3T20 which I salvaged from a Oracle x6-2s server. So tried to install it using the bifurcation NVMe adaptor for U.2 into one of the PCIE 3.0 x8 slots but the system will not post. Tried different slots and same results...
  3. P

    Oracle-branded HGST drives unusable in KTN-STL3?

    Hi all, Recently got some 4TB Oracle-Branded HGST drives with the hopes of using them in my storage array, but it appears they must have some kind of custom firmware that prevents them from being used outside of Oracle systems. The drives show up fine on my proxmox host, but the drives seem...
  4. AveryFreeman

    Questions about OCFS2: How to span local partitions, journaling, lvm2-lock, clvm, etc.

    Hey, curious about how to get distributed volumes to span several devices. Unfortunately haven't seen much literature about this. I'm actually using Ubuntu instead of Oracle Linux, but the setup procedure appears virtually identical. Here's what I'm following, which seems to be the best...
  5. V

    Oracle vm server

    Hi I want to test oracle vm server. I installed it on a physical server. How to create a VM for oracle vm manager. Without him poorly (
  6. Z

    An Oracle ZFS Storage All in One Appliance for your Home Lab

    A few days ago, I saw a thread in this forum about a DIY Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. I realized that my own experience on that could be interesting for others as not that much information are available on the net. The beginning of the story is the Oracle ZFS Storage simulator for Virtual Box...