1. L

    Flash HGST HUS724040ALS640 with A280

    Hello, I have 2 HGST HUS724040ALS640 drives and I want to flash them with the A280 firmware. I bought them from an online seller and I don't know where they came from. Currently both of them are reporting to be Hitachi DKW2E-H4R0SS. I'm a noob in hdd firmware flashing, never did it before, so I...
  2. AveryFreeman

    How to get smartctl-like information from HGST SAS drives (?)

    Hey, Wondering if anyone knows if there's a good way to get hard drive statistics from HGST SAS drives using mpt3sas driver. I didn't realize until recently SAS doesn't report statistics for smartmontools, so I was scanning them with smartctl trying to figure out why I couldn't get stats like...
  3. S

    HGST 60 Bay (12Gbps) HDD Restrictions?

    Anyone have one of these and can confirm if they are locked to SAS only? I know they are supposed to be locked to WD, HGST or sandisk drives...
  4. A

    HUSMR1616ASS200 HGST 1.6TB SAS 12Gbps

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/HUSMR1616ASS200-HGST-1-6TB-SAS-12Gbps-2-5in-ENT-SSD-0B31079/284041231118?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Seller accepted offer of $170.
  5. A

    HGST HUSMM1616ASS201 1.6TB $184.99 obo

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/HGST-1-6TB-SAS-SSD-2-5-SAS-12GBPS-12G-HARD-DRIVE-FITS-DELL-SERVER-R610-R710/324362657672?hash=item4b85855f88:g:cVkAAOSwDr9fpGNq Has anyone bought some of these? If so, how much life is left? Another auction here for $221 obo...
  6. A

    HGST Niagara v4.3

    Anyone on the boards that knows how to use this software? Looking to change SAS speeds on some SAS3 SSDs. Your help will be much appreciated!! I will send you some beer $$
  7. A

    HGST HUSMM8040ASS201 OEM firmware

    Anyone have OEM firmware file for HUSMM8040ASS201 ? Any sources to download the files from?
  8. A

    Niagara v4.3: tweaking HGST SSD's

    Reference Info: FTP site: ftp://ftp.abacus.cz/distribuce/HGST/Niagara/ *User pdf is inside the Niagara folder* previous thread: https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/hgst-husmm1640ass201-husmm1640ass204-oem-firmware.23028/ see p. 48 of pdf for "device info", "device list" & "dsi xx"...
  9. J

    HGST SAS3 Drives with 20k Hours

    Howdy, I got these four drives off of ebay, sold as "new", at a good price, $139, for this seller: deals2day-364. Now, I didn't expect them to be new, but I didn't expect the drives to have 20k power-on hours either. The fact that they are sold as "new" when they have even more hours than the...
  10. J

    Need Advice for SAS 12Gpbs Drives

    I am debating between these three types of drives: 1. HGST HE8 HUH728080AL4200 8TB 7.2k SAS 12GB/s 3.5" https://www.ebay.com/itm/HGST-HE8-8TB-7-2k-SAS-12GB-s-3-5-HUH728080AL4200-FOR-SERVER-USE-ONLY/224010990332 2. Seagate ST8000NM0065 8TB 7200RPM 3.5IN 4KN SAS-12GBPS...
  11. S

    HGST 7K4000 HUS724030ALS640 3TB SAS shows errors in Linux

    I am a servethehome noob. I read posts all the time, but have rarely posted before. My setup: SGI Rackable SE3016 bought May-2016 LSI SAS 9200-8e HBA bought May-2016 Brand new SuperMicro CSE-836E16-R92JBD with BPN-SAS2-836EL1 backplane bought May-2020 I have 7 (SATA) disks in my SGI Rackables...
  12. P

    The Elusive HGST Drive Manager

    After scouring the internet I finally found the HGST drive manager software. https://archive.org/details/hgstdm-34 Note that for working on windows, it requires a driver I have yet to find, but linux binaries are included too.
  13. Z

    FS: 12TB HGST SATA (cold spare) + Bonus

    Selling a (cold spare) drive that has been sitting on the shelf for going on 1 year. We are moving to larger 16TB drives, so my raid is being set to our test environment. (Might post the old old raid 4-8TB drives soon or the whole ESXi server). The drive was used in the original setup and may...
  14. Bjorn Smith


    Hi, I am considering buying a couple of these (1TB) https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/product/data-center-drives/ultrastar-sas-series/data-sheet-ultrastar-ssd1000mr.pdf But am unsure on whether or not its too old tech to be of any...
  15. T

    [WTS] 1U 19" LCD Rackmount Monitors and cases oHGST Ultrastar 7K6000 4TB HDDs (Factory Recert)

    Hi All, 1U 19" LCD Rackmount Monitor,Trackball/PS2. We have these in our warehouse and my manager is basically trying to get rid of them. The RackMount monitors were from a project they were trying to do (before I with the company). They look mostly new and just have some branding on them...
  16. T

    FS: Rack Mount KVMs, EOL Drives and over run drives (HGST, SeaGate, WD)

    We're back! Or I'm back. We have some things in warehouse just sitting here and have never been used. Just an intro, we've been in the storage industry for over 25 years. We've mostly dealt with SIs, Business or contracts. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to message me here or at...
  17. D

    Any firmware update for HP HSCP1920S5xnNMRI 1.92TB SAS SSD?

    Hi All, I have just go a bunch of these HP HSCP1920S5xnNMRI 1.92TB SSD (HGST HUSMR1619ASS204) drives and I guess they are 3PAR ones (with default P100 Firmware written on label). Just wondering any one could supply a latest firmware for these drives? Seems couldn't find anything on the...
  18. Z

    WTB: 5x 10/12/14+TB HDD

    Hi, Looking to buy 5x drives for a small TB3 NAS project. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a nightly data-backup program to move windows folders from one TB3 NAS to another TB3 NAS. Thanks! PM with any $$$ for drives (SATA
  19. C

    HGST 10TB He10 and Intel 200GB S3700

    ***Closed*** I’ve negotiated another round of deals with Michael. He’d prefer selling through his site as to avoid steep fleabay fees. All items are guaranteed and protected through your preferred purchasing mechanism. HGST 10TB HC510 - ~100hrs runtime @ $179/ea We can use code STHHDD to...
  20. C

    HGST 10TB He10 and Intel 200GB S3700

    Sorry for the delays, but we're back with some exclusives: x250 - HGST 10TB HC510 - ~100hrs runtime @ $179/ea Use code STHHDD to receive $40 off per drive. These are open box 4Kn drives at an excellent price! Please be sure your equipment is compatible. The code will also work on the 512e...