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    HP Reliant DL360p G7 - I'm building my first server and it's so different than building a PC :O [HELP!]

    Hi, I watched a bunch of videos on YT how to get an old enterprise server and make it work as home media device or a home server, the things are pretty cheap, but I'm also a pretty poor student, so I'd rather not experiment with parts that might not work. I'm planning to go with DebianEdu or...
  2. J

    iperf3 speeds not symmetric on multiple adapters in Windows 10?

    I ran `iperf3` between two Windows machines and noticed that the speeds were not symmetric. I tested using both the built-in 1-gigabit Ethernet adapters in each machine as well as with 10-gigabit Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards in both machines. Here's the relevant output. I address the 10-gigabit...
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    Looking for efficient CPU+MB

    Hi, so i am looking for a cpu/mb for over two weeks now, but there is just so much to choose from and i dont want to buy sth i regret when its too late. I am currently planing a home server that will handle everything that needs to be on 24/7 (cctv, nextcloud, HA) to be able to switch my main...
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    Server Hardware Help

    Hi All, I have been attempting to plan my server build for a few weeks, I know what I want it to do, but I don't know what components to use. My real problems finding the CPU/MOBO, but if you see any other glaring problems I would appreciate your input. I have a budget of around...
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    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    Dear fellow NAS-builders, after sailing the sea of infinite combinations for days, I feel finally slightly more informed than confused. This is a simple "what should I go for" question. Requirements: - 8+ Threads (A fair amount of stuff will be going on aside from ZFS such as CI/CD Piplines...
  6. K

    Cheap 40gbe Network Cards - Ebay USA

    Does anyone see any "gotchas" with the card below? Looks to be TCP/IP network interface cards, I was thinking these may be a good upgrade from my current 10gb direct connect networking. What do you all think...
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    Planning a replacement for HPE dl360p G8 - need advice

    I've had my dl360p G8 a little while now, probably about a year. ESXi 6.5 U3 2x Xeon E5-2630v2 48 GB RAM 4x 600GB 2.5" SAS HDD 2x 750w PSU Over the course of the year I've realised that whilst I really like this piece of kit, it's just too loud(whiiiiirrrrrrrrR) and power hungry (last months...
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    New ceph cluster -recommendations?

    I'm about to build my first production ceph cluster after goofing around in the lab for a while. I'd like some recommendations on hardware and setup before rushing to buy hardware and making wrong decisions. My goal is to start small with 3 nodes to start using ceph for daily tasks and start...
  9. C

    Huawei OptiX OSN 500

    Hello, Does anyone have experience or owns an OSN 500 and can tell me about its performance?
  10. J

    cheap pfsense hardware w/aes-ni?

    Considering building a pfsense or opnsense box for home use. 500/500 fiber connection. would like decent performance with suricata, vpn ++ Been looking at the mbt-4220 system for $199, but they don’t ship to Norway, and I’m not sure how much vpn performance I’d get. 2Gb ram is also not much, if...
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    Dell R710 Worth it?

    Hi all, Found this deal on eBay, was hoping someone can give some advice on it, mainly, is hardware like this still worth it etc. Dell Poweredge R710 2x Intel Xeon X5690 6C 12T 3.47GHz 16GB DDR3 RAM 6x 3.5" SATA/SAS bays Included with 5x300GB 10k SAS drives 2x870W Gold rated PSU Perc6/I RAID...
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    Micro server Gen 8 Dual Fan New Cooling System

    Hi all, New to the forum so hello all I wrote about this in much more detail on my blog here with instructions. I recently installed dual fans on my Gen 8 heatsink after installing the Intel Core i3 3240 processor. Installing the i3 processor gave me a huge increase in performance but...
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    Voltaire 30035/4036E-LM (low memory version) newb questions

    I recently bought a brand new Voltaire 30035/4036E-LM (low memory version) and have a few general questions that I haven't seen asked or answered. How do I save my running config on the switch to itself (unfortunately I'm not able to run it 24/7), I did a reload thinking it'd save the config...