Intel RES3TV360

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Jan 26, 2016
Can anyone direct me to a port map for this? I am interested in specifically which "inputs" map to which "outputs".

Its been frustrating.. I have been unable to find any relevant documentation on either the board or the expander chip it uses. What documentation that is available engages in vacuous handwaving like "8 ports for connecting to an initiator and 28 ports for targets", "Maximum number of disk drives... up to 24 direct-attached", "Connect serial cables between the expander card and internal disk drive, as required", "Supports cascaded expander products".

36 ports total on this thing; some are inputs, some are outputs... how do they relate? Not a single word anywhere. The thing appears to be an undocumented black box. (And I note that 28 is not divisible by 8.)

Ultimately, I am hoping for an SAS3 12Gb compatible expander that can map between 8 SAS3/SATA HBA ports (LSI 9631-8i or similar) and 24 SAS3/SATA target drives, in a symmetric fashion (i.e. enabling 3 direct-attached targets on each HBA port). Don't need any cascade/failover capabilities for my application.


Update: The Adaptec 82885T appears to be functionally identical (based on PMC-Sierra PM8044), and has much Much MUCH better documentation.

I think I understand how these things work now, and I believe the RES3TV360 would probably work for me (4-in x 28-out, as documented). I will need 2 of them, however, for 8x separate inputs, each as a 4x28 (of which I will use 12x outputs each). The Adaptec 82885T would operate as a 4x20, I would require 2 of those as well.

Having said this, I am still interested in RES3TV360 documentaton.
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Mar 26, 2013
all of the ports are input and output. they just have different slot numbers. there is no need to worry about which ones to use for input/output.



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Jan 23, 2015
Did some quick research/reading from Intel: Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360
^ Also docs are there

Basically it has 9 total mini-SAS ports, but 3 are reserved for input so they would be connected to a RAID/HBA controller. 6 are output time 4 drives each = you can connect 24 drives to it.