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    [WTB][US-MI] Intel 8259CL

    Looking to buy bulk (12+) 8259cl or 8275CL. Shoot me a PM
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    WiFi add-in for AMD workstation

    I am putting together a workstation based on the ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE (Threadripper 7000 Pro). The board does not have WiFi on-board, but the end user is wanting to use WiFi. I am finding a variety of options on the internet, but I have some uncertainty regarding compatibility, and what...
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    Are 100G Omni-Path DAC compatible with Ethernet NICs?

    So, I've goofed up a bit and bought Intel Hitachi IQSFP26C30 QSFP28 100Gbps DAC which appears to be Intel Omni-Path, not Ethernet :( (Google search-ing the part number doesn't give much, but the cable has a custom sticker that says "Omnipath") I'm wondering if I could use it with Ethernet...
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    [Solved] M720q throttles only in Linux

    Hi, I bought an M720q with a Pentium Gold and upgraded it with a Core i7 8700 (65W). Everything runs smoothly under Windows the CPU briefly pulls up to 45W and then settles down to 35-37W, with temperatures averaging at 75°C / peaking at 80°C under full load. This is exactly what I expected...
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    [FS] [USA-MN] Dell PowerEdge R730XD 26SFF (4x U.2 NVME) / 2x E5-2630L V4 / 256GB RAM / 2x1G & 2x10G Port / 2x 1100W PSU / Drives Available

    Selling a Dell PowerEdge R730XD with the U.2 NVME enablement option. Built this to mess around with some U.2 NVME drives I got, but now I’m moving them into production and no longer need this. Updated and diagnostic tested. I have some SAS drives listed below that you can add in as well. If...
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    The Latest N100&I3-N305 NAS BOARD

    After six months of research and development,N100&N305 nas board finally launched. N100&N305 NAS BOARD See more details:N100&N305 NAS BOARD
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    [USA-OR][H]Silverstone ST1000-PTS, GSkill 32GB DDR5 RGB kit, Kingston 16GB DDR5 SODIMM kit [W]PP, cash

    All prices negotiable. All prices negotiable. All prices negotiable. All prices negotiable. All items ship Fedex 2-day or USPS FREE in USA. Outside USA cost depends on location. Paypal G&S or local cash (Portland, OR) BRAND NEW FROM FACTORY Silverstone ST1000-PTS 1000W 80Plus Platinum...
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    How come the i3-N305 can be run with 32GB of RAM when Intel's spec sheet says max 16GB?

    Intel spec sheets says the i3-N305 supports 16GB of RAM: Intel® Core™ i3-N305 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz) - Product Specifications | Intel Yet I see lots of people using 32GB sticks and report that it "works" e.g. in...
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    I want to share my experience with SPR-SP E3 EV-QS and motherboard GIGABYTE MS33-AR0 with chipset C741 for SPR-SP. Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids 8461V E3 EV-QS 48C/96T 97,5MB L3 300W MB: GIGABYTE MS33-AR0 LGA4677 8Channel (BIOS F01, ME Firmware18:, BMC Firmware 13.04.0, PCH...
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    INTEL P4510 4TB - Upgrade Firmware | Visible in lspci only

    Hi Everyone, I bought some new Intel P4510 4TB and all came with firmware VDV10131. I'm always doing a firmware upgrade if available and I'm unable to find issues with it in the web. All drives were visible with 0 bits and bytes read/written. As no firmware is available anymore on the INTEL...
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    Intel Xeon Platinum 8273CL Complete Info Guide

    I have pretty much learned all these through the "hard way" a.k.a failures. Not pleasant experience, but for the sake of anyone who is still interested in this processor, I hope this thread can give out some info to avoid going through the same pain I had gone through. Some background: I was...
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    ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE + Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids SP ES = works it

    I want to share my experience with Intel Xeon SPR-SP ES2 D0 and motherboard ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE with chipset W790 for SPR-WS. Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids QYFQ ES2 D0 48C/96T 97,5MB L3 270W similar to Xeon Platinum 8468V CPU: Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids QYFS ES2 D0 56C/112T 105MB...
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    delete this thread

    Please delete this thread.
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    EU [FS] No sale

    No sale Sold: Intel i9-13900KS ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 APEX 2x16GB Kit DDR5 7200MHz CL32 G.Skill 2x24GB Kit DDR5 8000MHz CL40 G.Skill EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FE Intel SPR-SP QYFQ SilverStone XE02-4677 Gigabyte MS33-AR0 Ubiquiti USW-Enterprise-48-PoE Ubiquiti...
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    Intel Server S2600WTTR with Fans top speed all the time

    Hi, I have build this system and I have FANs at top speed all the time, I have already updated FRUSDR but it seems that for some reason its not taking Chasis information,as the screenshot shows it seems that its trying to find 1U Fans even when it does recogize all 2U fans connected, this is...
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    F/S: Intel Optane SSD 900P Series (280GB AIC PCIe X4 3D XPoint) - Brand New

    Hello! I have a stock of Intel Optane SSDs that would be a great addition to your computer or a good way to get a server built. They are in brand-new condition and will be shipping from NY! Price is listed at $160 per unit on ebay, I would let them go for $120 + shipping. PM me by 7/19 and get...
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    REQUEST: Suggestion for MiniPC w/4xLAN + >8 threads

    So I'm looking with great interest at the Beelink 12/pro/etc series STH has been reviewing, and while I find the P+E cores *really* close to where I want to be, for a virtualization env, i still want to keep storage and VM's on separate interfaces. With proper redundancy, that requires (4)...
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    Intel S2600WTTR not supporting my 2x E52696 v4 processors

    I just got 3 x S2600WTT motherboards with 2x E5-2696 V4 each. I just build one of them and no video output or boot, I then placed my old E5-2650 V3 processors and it does boot and I have video signal, I updated to Bios Latest Version (1.01.3029) that seems to add Processors compatibility also...
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    512 GB Intel Optane DDR4-2666 RDIMM PMEM NMA1XBD512GQS

    Seller accepts offers. Bid for 115 US$ was accepted automatically. That's the lowest I have seen recently. Others are sold at down to 150 US$. Source >> 512 GB Intel Optane 512GB 288-poliger DDR4-2666 RDIMM persistenter Speicher NMA1XBD512GQS | eBay
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    I219v - MAC missing after Bios Update

    Hi guys, I‘m currently assembling my new Home Server and the Motherboard/Intel NIC (Asus Pro B560M-CSM) has given me nothing but headache. I first encountered a NVM Checksum Error which I was able to fix. After that I flashed the newest Version of the Bios and found out that the MAC Address...