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    Component Recommendations for Proxmox Homelab with TrueNAS and Various Applications

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of setting up my own homelab and would greatly appreciate your recommendations and advice. Below, I provide the details and requirements of my project: Goals and Essential Requirements: Homelab Server with Proxmox: I want to create an environment to learn...
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    What would cause a command to be added/removed from a Mellanox switch config?

    I have an MSB7800 running 3.10.2102 code and it seems like the following config line at the end is being added and removed randomly. Does anyone know why this would happen? I have confirmation from the team no one is doing it manually and I am trying to get the configs into git for archive...
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    FreeNAS fully operational ?

    Hello Everybody, I have succesfully installed my FreeNAS Server and now I just want to be sure if it is fully operational and functions… I first wanted to check if ECC is really working so I did DmiDecode in the FreeNAS terminal. It showed me for my RAM that there is a total Bandwidth of 72 and...
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    Quanta LB4M - Configuration incl. VLANs

    Good morning, I recently got a Quanta LB4M 48Port GiB switch and would like to set up this (including VLAN etc.). Unfortunately, the Switch is not quite right and annoys me ... Follow the previous config of the switch: Flashing the firmware lb4m. (L3 routing firmware) Set up...
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    Does anyone here use or have used configurators for refurbished servers? Are they useful at all or am I better off just going through the building process or purchasing a premade one?
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    Debian 8.3 installation in Virtual Box

    Hello from Geneva Switzerland, while preparing for a new Linux training session I thought I could share the videos I’m preparing for the participants. In that one you can review /learn the installation steps for Linux Debian 8. I use Virtual Box like that you can also learn Linux if you have a...
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    Intel RES3TV360

    Can anyone direct me to a port map for this? I am interested in specifically which "inputs" map to which "outputs". Its been frustrating.. I have been unable to find any relevant documentation on either the board or the expander chip it uses. What documentation that is available engages in...