FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

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Oct 19, 2013
  • 2.5" 4TB and 2TB non-SMR spinners (Samsung 9mm preferred for 2TB, Seagate 15mm for 4TB)
Curious if anyone including OP, has model numbers for these drives. I've been looking for some too but difficult to find info.


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Jun 29, 2016
Updated 2021-01-20

Apologies for delays - more medical logistics have made me miss my planned dropoffs at Fedex and USPS yesterday and today, but I will definitely get there tomorrow.

IO shields acquired, and will now be included with X10 Xeon E3-1200 v3/v4 and Atom C2000 boards!


Thanks to everyone who has responded, and my apologies for taking a few days to respond to some of you in some cases. Thanks for bearing with me while I coordinate care. I used to always reply as I saw message notices, but for now I will need to batch my DM replies - I should be able to reply at least every 2-3 days, hopefully more frequently as care patterns settle in.


Hello all,

I've had lots of fun on the forums and trading parts with many of you for several years, but I've sadly been mostly absent for the last couple of years dealing with some family health issues, which have become worse recently. I set up and completely reworked my home lab several times, but I now I really need to find new homes for a lot of the stuff I won't have time to play with anymore, for both space and cashflow reasons. I am hoping to stay a little more involved in this great community than I have been the last few years, but I will probably never have the same amount of free time as I used to, and need to scale back my sizeable home lab.

TLDR: I am selling off a bunch of my lab stuff to make space and recoup some cash for increasing bills. As you will see, most of my stuff is Supermicro gear oriented towards NAS/Storage, networking, and all in one homelab builds. My prices may not be rock bottom Ebay prices, but I have tested and upgraded firmware for everything unless noted otherwise, and I am offering free assembly and testing of any set of parts you get for me into a working system, so please bear that in mind when reviewing my list here. That said, I will adjust if things are way off market, and I tend to throw in freebies and round down if you get a lot of stuff.

If you are local in the SF Bay area, please come get things - as you might expect, I have been taking the pandemic very seriously, cleaning everything with alcohol, etc. For non-local people, I can ship Fedex Ground (account rates are 25-30% less than standard rates) or USPS Priority Mail at cost, and I'll round down (a few marked items are priced with shipping included). For shipping, I have a limited number of quality 1U-4U Supermicro and other shipper boxes with precut closed cell foam inserts, when I run out of those, I will have to go with local pickup only for any remaining larger items.

I'm linking to my old FS/FT/WTB and free stuff threads for reference (I never got around to setting up a heatware account) but items and prices in those have NOT been cleaned up yet - I have started to move items still available from those here with updated prices, but if you see anything in my older postings you are interested in, just ask, and I'll let you know if it is still available.

Here is what I definitely know I have available right now:

Complete quiet Towers running FreeNAS or Unraid on 16GB flash drive or DOM,
ready for data drives! These are based on an X9SCL (or X9SCM and or -F versions w/ BMC, LMK if you care) board with a LSI SAS2008 controller (for >14 bays choose a second controller or HP SAS2 expander), CPU choice of low power Pentium G620T, i3-2120T (+$20 for Xeon e3-1220L v2 17W TDP, +$30 for Xeon e3-1260L 45W TDP) 8GB ECC unbuffered as 4x 2GB, (+$60 for 16GB as 2x 8GB instead) 80+ PSU. I can trade the x9 boards out for others, but these x9 boards do make a great low power NAS or modest AIO virtualization lab with storage.
  • $560 - 12-bay trayless Antec Nine Hundred tower
  • $560 - 15-bay Antec Nine Hundred tower w/ 3x Supermicro CSE-M35TQ , add $70 for Noctua fans - 2x 120mm, 3x 92mm
  • $640 - 15-bay trayless AzzA Solano 1000 tower
  • $840 - 20-bay Antec Twelve Hundred tower w/4x Supermicro CSE-M35TQ, add $100 for Noctua fans - 3x 120mm, 4x 92mm
  • $980 - 20-bay trayless Antec Twelve Hundred tower, add $40 for Noctua fans - 3x 120mm
Supermicro chassis' and complete systems - all come with all drive trays and screws, stock fans, and stock or better hotswap PSUs and standard vertical PCIe slots unless noted otherwise.

Supermicro complete x8 dual 1366 systems w/ chassis, motherboards, CPU, Heatsinks, RAM, controllers
  • ALL include - 24GB DDR3 ECC Reg (6x 4GB) dual Xeon L5630 or any 55xx I have on hand included, or +$50 for dual X5675, and enough 9260-8i or 9750-8i for all bays, +65 for inner/outer rail kit
  • $300 - 2U UIO chassis w/ X8DTU-6TF+ motherboard w/ onboard 2x SFP+ 10G ports, 9260-8i, 4x full height horizontal slots of space, several left riser options - I have two in CSE-829 chassis' with 8x 3.5 hotswaps, direct backplane, cache, BBU and an SSD mount, and one in a SC213 chassis w/ 16x 2.5 hotswaps direct backplane, and an extra 9260-8i
  • $340 - SC836 with X8DTE-F or better dual 1366 board, direct TQ backplane, and 2x LSI/3Ware RAID controllers, add $40 for 2x SAS2008 HBAs
Supermicro complete x9 single 1155 systems
  • $180 - SC813M 1U w/ X9SCL, i3 or Pentium G630T, 4x2GB ECC Unbuffered DDR3, choice of 9200-8e HBA for storage or 4-port Intel gigabit PCIe controller for VMs , +$30 for inner/outer rail kit
Supermicro chassis' with 3.5" hotswap bays
  • $50 - SC813M 1U 4x 3.5, direct backplane, single fixed or dual hotswap PSU versions
  • $160 - SC826 2U 12x 3.5, direct TQ or SAS2 single expander backplane
  • $240 - SC836 3U 16x 3.5 direct TQ or SAS2 single expander backplane
  • $300 - SC846 4U 24x 3.5 SAS2 single expander backplane - ON HOLD
  • $400 - SC847 4U 36x 3.5 choice of SAS2 single expander or direct "A" or backplanes
  • $500 - SC837 3U JBOD only 28x 3.6 SAS2 single expander, dual 1600W platinum PSUs - (unusual and very durable chassis compared to the 2U/4U) I have two
  • $600 - SC837 3U JBOD only 28x 3.6 SAS2 double expander version, otherwise the same as above, I have two left - 1/2 ON HOLD
Supermicro chassis' with 2.5" hotswap bays
  • $80 - SC113M 1U 8x 2.5, direct backplane
  • $200 - SC213 2U 16x 2.5 direct backplane, NEW condition - one with hotswap PSUs, three with fixed PSUs, but I have extra PDBs to convert to dual hotswap if you want
  • $200 - SC216 2U 24x 2.5 SAS2 expander backplane
  • $250 - SC216 2U 24x 2.5 SAS2 expander backplane, plus extra 2x rear 2.5" hotswaps
  • $700 - SC417 4U 88x 2.5 unusual JBOD unit with SAS2 expander backplanes!
Supermicro Mini 1U chassis' - I am only selling these with motherboards
  • $60 - SC502, 503, 510, 512 etc shallow 1U with fixed PSU, internal drive bays only, great for routers or compact all in one lab machines, some of them have cool bezels, I'll list / post pics if I have time.
Supermicro socketed motherboard/CPU/Heatsink sets, I/O shields included, see below for RAM!
  • $100 - X8DTE-F w/ 2x low power 4C/8T Xeon L5640 and 2U passive heatsinks, +$30 for active coolers (Supermicro or Intel) +$20 for 2xL5640, or +$40 for 2xX5675
  • $220 - H8DME2 w/ dual 6-core Opterons, (12C/12T total) coolers, and 128GB ECC RAM!
  • $100 - X9SCL-F / $110 X9SCM-F w/ stock cooler or 1U heatsink, choice of CPU i3-2120T, i3-2120, Pentium G620T, or +20 for Xeon e3-1260l or e3-1220L v2
  • $220 - X10SL7-F (14 SATA drive ports! 8 are SAS2 also) w/ stock cooler or 1U heatsink and bracket, and Pentium G3220, I have some faster and lower power CPUs for a little more
  • $200 - X10SLH-F (can do 1080p QuickSync transcoding) w/ same Pentium G3220 CPU/cooler and options as X10SL7-F above
  • $140 - X10SLL-F (no QuickSync support) w/ same Pentium G3220 CPU/cooler and options as X10SL7-F above
Supermicro AtomC2000 motherboards - ALL with the fix applied and verified by Supermicro! IO Shield included, RAM 4GB ECC $15/stick, 8GB ECC $30/stick
  • $140 - A1SRI-2558F - 4C ITX (I have a few available)
  • $240 - A1SRI-2758F, A1SAI-2750F - 8C ITX, I have two of each available
  • $240 - A1SRM-2758F, or A1SAM-2750F - 8C Micro ATX, I have one of each available
Xeon D motherboards and systems - all have I/O shields included, see RAM below for RAM:
  • $200 - Gigabyte / Datto ITX board with Xeon D-1521 and dual 10GBe - I think I have two that work fine, with I/O shields
  • $600 - Supermicro SYS-E300-8D network appliance mini barebones w/ D1518 in a X10SDV-TP8F, used only for memtest :) All parts, but the original box is missing.
  • $500 - if I sell it, still undecided - X10SDV-TP8F - the same board which is in the E300-8D above
  • $580 - X10SDV-4C-7TP4F flex ATX with Xeon D-1518 4C/8T 16-port LSI SAS2, dual SFP+ - ON HOLD
  • $780 - X10SDV-7TP4F Xeon D-1537 version w/ 8C/16T otherwise the same
  • $800 - X10SDV-12C-TLN4F Xeon D-1557 12C/24T brand new in box with all parts, accessories, I'll memtest it before sending it (I accidentally ordered the 10G base-T version, I wanted the SFP+ version)
  • $5500 - X11SDV-8C-TP8F flex ATX board like new - maxed out at 512GB w/ 4x 128GB LRDIMMs!
Supermicro backplanes and drive cages, some with NVME support
  • $120 - BPN-SAS3-826EL1, or $90 as an upgrade in any SC826 or SC847 chassis I am selling
  • $140 - BPN-SAS3-826SEL1-N4 or BPN-SAS3-826A-N4 - ALL ON HOLD
  • $340 - BPN-SAS3-846EL1
Supermicro chassis upgrades and accessories, I have several of most of these:
  • $5 - front panel breakout cable for non-supermicro boards
  • $7 - Quiet 0.35A Supermicro FAN-0125L4 fan traded into the stock fan carrier (2U usually have 3 or 4 fans, 3U and 4U 846 have 5, 4U 847 and 417 have 7)
  • $6 - Panaflo 0.18A 3-pin fans with long fan tails traded into the stock fan carrier, as above - quieter, but not hot swap
  • $8 - RSC-RR1U-E8 - PCIe x8 riser for Supermicro 1U cases
  • $20 - Gold PSU upgrade, per PSU
  • $30 - Platinum PSU upgrade, per PSU
  • $70 - SQ Platinum PSU upgrade, per PSU
  • $25 - CSE-PTJBOD-CB1w/ blank I/O shield
  • $120 - CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 with network cable for IPMI remote power and fan control!
  • $15 per port - Supermicro internal to external SAS2 cables with high or low brackets - singles, duals, and quads (quad bracket is special for Supermicro cases)
  • $20 - 1U outer rails (with chassis/system only until I run out)
  • $70 - Quickrail set for 2U/3U/4U Supermicro, including the extra shipping - I have one short set if you need it, and a few Rev B standard depth, if you have the older non-Rev B inner rails, let me know, I have two matching outer rail sets.
  • DDR2 ECC Reg or FB-DIMM - $1 - 2GB, $3 - 4GB, $10 - 8GB
  • DDR3 ECC Reg - $6 - 4GB, $15 - 8GB
  • $30 - 8GB DDR3 ECC Unbuffered DIMMs and SODIMMS - w/ boards/systems only, I have limited supply - mostly Supermicro certified Hynix, plus some Samsung and Micron/Crucial as well - I also have two 4GB ECC unbuffered SODIMMS for $15 each (good for a PFSense/OPNSense/etc router where you don't need a lot of RAM.)
  • $50 - 16GB DDR4 ECC Reg RAM sticks Supermicro certified, dibs to people taking Xeon D boards, limited supply
  • $700 or trade - Hynix 128GB 8Rx4 PC4-2400U ECC LRDIMM for Xeon D 2100 series boards - it works great in my one X11SDV board, selling because I found a matched set of Samsung before I could find any more of the same type. I would happily trade this for more DDR4 ECC Reg capacity in lower densities such as 6-8x32GB or 3x 64GB
SAS/SATA controllers - HBA and RAID:
  • $15 - LSI/3Ware 9750-4i and 9260-4i cards w/ choice of bracket and BBU until I run out
  • $20 - LSI/3Ware 9750-8i and 9260-8i cards w/ choice of bracket and BBU until I run out
  • $60 - Adaptec 16 internal port SAS2 RAID with supercap!
  • $30 - SAS2008 LSI/Broadcom/Avago 8-port IT mode P20.00.07 card with choice of bracket
  • $160 - 9201-16i - new in sealed OEM boxes, I've had them for a while, not bootlegs, only selling them with ITX boards for appropriate builds as I don't have many
  • $80 - LSI SAS3008 8i cards, only selling with complete systems
  • $200 - LSI 9300-16e
SAS2/SAS3 expander cards
  • $20 - HP SAS2 expander card, firmware updated
  • $80 - Intel SAS2 expander RES2SV240 used with both brackets
  • $120 - Intel SAS2 expander RES2SV240 new in box with 6 cables and both brackets
  • $180 - Intel SAS2 expander RES2CV360 used, no cables
  • $120 - HP SAS3 expander card - these have all SFF-8087 connectors, easy upgrade to SAS3 for direct backplanes
  • $240 - NEW Intel RES3FV288 SAS3 expander in box, I think with cables, I can get the part number
  • $240 - NEW Intel RES3TV360 SAS3 expander in box, I think with cables, I can get the part number
10% off for 10 or more, 20% off for 20 or more, I'm also looking to trade multiples for larger SSDs, see below
  • $12 - Samsung 100GB, firmware updated from original problematic firmware
  • $25 - Kingston V200 series 200GB
  • $40 - Intel 320 series 300GB <- only 8 left
  • $50 - Intel/Dell DC3610 400GB 1.8" - add $5 for generic 2.5 converter
  • $100 - Intel/Dell DC3610 800GB 1.8" - add $5 for generic 2.5 converter
  • $1200 - Samsung 3PAR 15.36TB SAS3 SSD - not the model with the firmware issue, will trade for multiple smaller SSDs as below
  • $50 - 4TB WD Red (non-SMR model!) and 7200RPM Seagate and WD
  • $65 - 4TB 3.5" HGST Coolspin low power with lowish hours, fantastic drives!
  • $25 - 2TB 3.5" Seagate and WD enterprise with a bunch of hours, but solidly tested good
  • $60 - 2TB 2.5" 7mm Seagate / Samsung - these are SMR, but fit in newer laptops, will trade for 9mm non-SMR version
Mini / embedded / industrial systems with GPIO, etc.:
  • $40 - Soekris Net 4801-60 256MB in case
  • $60 - Soekris Net 5501-70 512MB in case
  • $60 - Soekris Net 6501-70 2GB in case, but UNTESTED - I have misplaced my serial console kit, hence the low price, I have a few and will give a bulk deal if you take them all
  • $50 - Dragonboard 410c
  • $80 - Cubox Pro 2GB version
  • $100 - Cubox i4 Pro
Trades - items I am looking for:
  • Atom C3758 or C3958 motherboard - ideally Supermicro, but I'll consider anything, Mini ITX, Flex ATX, or Micro ATX would all be fine, and I actually prefer more PCIe slots.
  • nVidia Jetson Dev kit (4GB, rev B01 ideally)
  • 2.5" 4TB and 2TB non-SMR spinners (Samsung 9mm preferred for 2TB, Seagate 15mm for 4TB)
  • 32GB DDR3 ECC Reg or 64GB LRDIMMS
  • 16GB or 32GB DDR4 Unbuffered ECC both regular and SODIMMs
  • 1.6TB -7.68TB SAS or SATA or maybe NVME SSDs
  • Rolling 4-post 20-32U half rack / cabinet, 30" deep, square holes
I'll add more stuff as I get to inventorying it, please ask if you're looking for something specific.

Here are my old threads for reference, I may update them if I get time:

Thanks for looking, and stay safe!
Would you be able to sell me one of the BPN-SAS3-826SEL1-N4 backplanes?


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Sep 3, 2011
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Received a complete system from @sfbayzfs on Wednesday. Without having tested it out I can say that he was very responsive by messaging and packaged the server really well. I'll be testing it this weekend. Thanks for the excellent service thus far!


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Jan 2, 2011
Just wanted to follow up and say I had a great experience purchasing from @sfbayzfs. Enclosure and assortment of parts arrived perfectly packed and in excellent condition. Highly recommend.


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Jun 10, 2018
hi, I believe i once bought a Super Micro riser from you; Super Micro model RSC-RR1U-E16 rev 3

Might you have a PCI 4-port USB card to fit into above riser? thanks


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May 6, 2015
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Heads up - I will finally be catching up on replies tonight / tomorrow (this has been an absurdly busy week both at work and home), I'll edit this and the original post when I am done.


Oct 15, 2016
Orlando, FL
Just received my SC847 JBOD chassis and a variety of accessories, HBAs, cables, etc. from sfbayzfs. It was all packaged extremely well inside the chassis, the handles were disassembled from the chassis and bubble wrapped to prevent damage, etc. I got everything reassembled this evening and it's working great. This is the second time I've purchased from sfbayzfs and I would highly recommend him. Have a little patience with the life events he's working through, communication might be more delayed than usual, but I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with your purchase.
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May 6, 2015
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Hi all, apologies for the lack of communication recently - about three weeks ago another urgent medical situation came up suddenly, which left me no time to deal with anything until now. I am going to start catching up on replies and checking if folks are still interested in things they pinged me about. Also, I will be updating my list some time this weekend - a number of items are gone, and some more items have been found.


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Mar 31, 2018
My condolences to everyone who lost a dear one during this pandemic and I hope everyone else with health problems will get better soon.

Sorry off topic and I hope it is not against rules. If so, I will delete it. My son came out sick from daycare yesterday. Since it happens often, it is not practical to get covid tested every time he gets fever. In any case, we are all in isolation as family and we cannot put our little son in isolation at home. At this point we are all hoping for the best for our kids as I also have a little baby. My parents and grandma are fully vaccinated and they are fine. We are getting the second shot next week. For my parents/grandma, life is still hard because they are under so much risk due to their age and preexisting conditions and they keep I living in isolation. We are still blessed though, we were able to make so far without any major impact.

I hope everyone takes a chance to get vaccinated so virus stops spreading and mutating. There is a risk with everything but all studies, and check out Israel, show the risk is low and benefits are high.

PMd OP for outer SM rails.


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Jun 10, 2018
My condolences to everyone who lost a dear one during this pandemic and I hope everyone else with health problems will get better soon.

Sorry off topic and I hope it is not against rules. If so, I will delete it. My son came out sick from daycare yesterday. S
I do not know, nor have ever met Patrick - the owner of this site; but have enjoyed many hours of reading and his videos.

With that said, I would never-ever imagine he would not welcome geeks on here sharing a personal comment that you made.