FS/FT/WTB/WTT sfbayzfs Pt 1: Systems, backplanes, controllers, expanders, mobos, procs, RAM


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May 6, 2015
SF Bay area
Greetings fellow home server builders!

I have finally settled on a (mostly) final config at home for my stuff (hopefully)
* Another big update Sept 8th 2019 *

SSD special - $30 - 2x (yes, a pair) of 100GB SATA EMLC SSDs 15mm thick, with PLP, great for mirrored boot drives, add more for only $10 each shipped

LSI/3WARE Hardware RAID special - $25 shipped (no cache/BBU) / $35 shipped with cache card / BBU - 9260-8i, 9260-4i, 9750-8i, 9750-8e, etc.

LSI / Avago / Broadcom SAS2008 controllers flashed to the latest P20.00.07 IT mode firmware with two cables and BOTH tall and short brackets for $60 shipped!
  • $60 - LSI SAS2008 9210-8i or 9220-8i M1015 (top ports) or PERC-H310 or 9211-8i (end ports w/ 2x SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 or quad SATA breakout * I am running low on these
  • $60 - LSI SAS2008 9200-8e w/ 2x 1M or 0.5M external cables with SFF-8088 on both ends
$25 shipped special - CSE-PTJBOD-CB1 - JBOD power controller motherboard replacement w/ blank backplate! Add more for only $15 each, I still have a few left!

Other than the SSDs above, my drives, network stuff, and Mad Scientist Corner are in this thread since it all won't fit in this one:
FS/FT SFBayZFS's hard drives for sale - 2-5TB, 2.5, 3.5 HGST, Toshiba, Seagate, WD Red, + DOMs etc

Generally, I keep making home storage servers for FreeNAS / ZFSonLinux designed for low power/heat/noise, but also dabbling in Kubernetes clusters. Most of my extra stuff is LSI controller cards, Supermicro motherboards / chassis, 80+ power supplies, and related stuff.

Local pickup in the SF Bay area CA is great, but if you're not here, I can easily ship Priority Mail flat rate for smaller items at USPS rates. For servers and larger items, I like Fedex Ground - a well packed 3U or 4U server ranges from $50-60ish on the West Coast to $100ish on the East Coast.

I am also happy to build/combine/reconfigure most stuff to meet your needs, just LMK what you are going for!

New Xeon D section!
  • $trade or $700 - Hynix 128GB 8Rx4 PC4-2400U ECC LRDIMM for Xeon D 2100 series boards - it works great in my one X11SDV board, selling because I found a matched set of Samsung before I could find any more of the same type. I would happily trade this for 128GB of DDR4 in another configuration: 4x32GB ECC Reg or 2x 64GB ECC LRDIMMs for Xeon D 1500 series boards, 8x 16GB of 4x 32GB unbuffered ECC DDR4, partial trade and cash is OK too.
  • $600 - Supermicro SYS-E300-8D network appliance mini barebones w/ D1518 in a X10SDV-TP8F, used only for memtest :) All parts, but the original box is missing.
  • $900 - X10SDV-12C-TLN4F brand new in box with all parts, accessories, I'll memtest it before sending it (I accidentally ordered the 10G base-T version, I wanted the SFP+ version)
  • I have a couple of other Xeon D 1500 series boards I am willing to sell/trade, trying to make a final decision on which to deploy...
HP Microservers running FreeNAS on 16GB flash drive or DOM, just add data drives:
  • $220 - 5x 3.5 bay HP Microserver N54L 2.2 GHz w/8GB ECC RAM, locking trayless hotswap for 5th drive, updated AHCI BIOS shipped in original box. Add $50 for 16GB ECC RAM
Complete quiet Towers running FreeNAS on 16GB flash drive or DOM, just add data drives! These all come with X9SCM-F, LSI SAS2008 controller (with a second and or one with HP SAS2 expander for >14 bays), Xeon e3-1220, 8GB ECC unbuffered as 4x 2GB, +$60 for 16GB or $120 for 32GB instead, but I have other CPUs, and X10, X11, C2000, and Xeon D options as well, but X9 works great:
  • $560 - 12-bay trayless Antec Nine Hundred tower
  • $560 - 15-bay CoolerMaster tower w/ 3x Supermicro CSE-M35TQ , add $70 for Noctua fans - 2x 120mm, 3x 92mm
  • $640 - 15-bay trayless AzzA Solano 1000 tower
  • $840 - 20-bay Antec Twelve Hundred tower w/4x Supermicro CSE-M35TQ, add $100 for Noctua fans - 3x 120mm, 4x 92mm
Complete Supermicro rackmount FreeNAS / Unraid servers: (Rails extra $70 for 2U/3U/4U)
  • $320 - SC826 12x 3.5" bay 2U w/ TQ direct backplane, stock Ablecom PSUs, X9SCM-F, LSI SAS2008 controller, Xeon e3-1220, 8GB ECC unbuffered as 4x 2GB, +$120 for 32GB instead, or add $40 for X8DTE-F, 2x L5640 40W 4C/8T, 24Gb ECC Reg instead of X9SCM-F/8GB
  • $460 - SC836 16x 3.5" bay 3U w/ SAS2 expander backplane, 1280W gold PSUs, same mobo/controller/CPU/RAM options as above
  • $600 - SC847 36x 3.5" bay 4U w/ SAS2 expander backplanes, 1400W gold PSUs, same options as above
Supermicro rackmount chassis:
  • $300 - SC847 36x 3.5" bay 4U w/ damaged right handle mounts, no trays included, otherwise OK - your choice of direct "A" backplanes or SAS2 expander backplanes, 2x 1400W PSU (I can add a motherboard or make it a JBOD if you like)
Supermicro Backplanes:
  • $60 - BPN-SAS-826A direct SAS2/SAS3 w/ 3x SFF-8087 (12-bay 2U)
  • $60 - BPN-SAS2-847-EL1 (rear 21-bay SAS2 expander backplane for 45-bay JBOD, 2 avail)
  • $220 - BPN-SAS3-847-EL2 (double SAS3 expander rear 20-bay JBOD backplane, 2 avail, or I will happily trade 1:1 for the single expander version!)
Supermicro X10 Haswell (LGA1150) Motherboards micro ATX, all with latest BIOS/IPMI, and LSI IT mode firmware
  • $100 - X10SLL-F
  • $140 - X10SLH-F (all 6 SATA ports are SATA3)
  • $200 - X10SL7-F with LSI 2308 onboard flashed to P20.00.07 for 14 direct drive ports!
CPUs for X10 motherboards, add Intel stock active cooler for $5, Supermicro 1U passive cooler for $12 or Dynatron 2U active cooler for $16:
  • $80 - i3-4160T low power 2C/4T 35W 3.1 GHz
  • $90 - i3-4170T or i3-4360T low power 2C/4T 35W 3.2 GHz
  • I have some Xeons as well, need to check
Supermicro X9 Motherboards (Sandy/Ivy) micro ATX LGA1155, latest BIOS/IPMI, backplate included until I run out of them
  • $60 - X9SCL-F great 3-slot C202 board for FreeNAS, PFSense, etc
  • $70 - X9SCM-F C204 and 4 PCIe slots, 2x SATA3 ports, 4x SATA2 ports
CPUs for X9 motherboards, Add Intel stock active cooler for $5, or Supermicro 1U passive cooler and bracket for $12, or dynatron 2U active cooler for $20:
  • $15 - Pentuim G62oT low power 2c/2t Pentium sandy bridge +$10 for new in box w/ cooler
  • $20 - Celeron G1610, G1620 2c/2t (I have 1 of each, these definitely support ECC properly)
  • $30 - i3-2100T 2.5GHz 2c/4t low power 35W
  • $35 - i3-2120T 2.6GHz 2c/4t low power 35W
  • $35 - Xeon e3-1220 or e3-1225 4c/4t
  • I have faster Xeons as well, and a few low power ones
RAM for X9 and X10 motherboards - DDR3 Unbuffered ECC
  • $60 - 16GB 2x 8GB ECC Unbuffered 1333 or 1600 (Crucial/Micron or Hynix) or $120 for 32GB
Supermicro x8 boards, CPUs, coolers (they run great with only 1 CPU)
  • $15 - Xeon L5630 2.13-2.4GHz Low power 40W 4C/8T CPU
  • $20 - Xeon L5640 2.13-2.4GHz Low power 60W 6C/12T CPU
  • $25 - Xeon X5675 3.06-3.46GHz 95W 6C/12T CPU
  • $15 - Supermicro 2u P0038P passive heatsink
  • $25 - Dynatron 2u active heatsink
  • $85 - X8DTE-F motherboard - newer hex-core compatible version w/ latest BIOS, IPMI
  • $110 - X8DT6-F motherboard - newer hex-core compatible version w/ latest BIOS, IPMI, integrated LSI SAS2008 controller!
LSI SAS2/SATA IT Mode HBA controllers (All are ZFS ready w/ P20.00.07 IT mode firmware) - choose standard or low profile bracket unless noted otherwise
  • $45 - Dell PERC H310 flashed to 9211-8i - end connectors, works great in Supermicro boards without the pin mod that some non-server boards require
  • $45 - LSI 9210-8i same configuration as the M1015 (top ports)
  • $35 - LSI 9200-8e 2 external ports
  • $60 - LSI 9212-4i4e SAS2 2008 internal 4 sata connectors are on top edge of card
  • $50 - LSI 9200-16e in original box if you want it (4 avail) Full height card
  • $70 - LSI 9207-8i / 9217-8i or Supermicro AOC-S2308L-L8e PCIe 3.0 SAS2308 card
SAS2 expanders:
  • $40 - HP SAS2 expander card flashed to latest firmware
  • $80 - Intel SAS2 expander RES2SV240 used with both brackets
  • $120 - Intel SAS2 expander RES2SV240 new in box with 6 cables and both brackets
  • $180 - Intel SAS2 expander RES2CV360 used, no cables
SAS3 controllers and expanders:
  • $100 - HP H240 controller 2x SFF-8087 internal port SAS3 controller, bracket choice
  • $80 - HP H241 controller 2x SFF-8644 external ports w/short bracket
  • $90 - Dell 0T93GD 2 SFF-8644 external ports, LP bracket, LSI 3008 chip, probably crossflashable - 2 avail
Supermicro power supplies:
  • $5 - PWS-801-1R or PWS-902-1R non-80+, noisy, but cheap, narrow connector, great spares!
  • $20 special - PWS-1K41P-1R used 80+ Gold PSU, wide connector can be dremeled down for use with common PDBs
  • $50 - PWS-920P-1R used 80+ Platinum PSU, narrow connector, 4 avail
  • $90 - PWS-920P-SQ used quiet 80+ Platinum PSU - narrow connector to fit all PDBs, 6 avail
Supermicro drive caddies:
  • $5 - Supermicro 3.5" drive tray sturdy aluminum for 743/745 M35 5-in-3, etc. with screws
  • $4 - Supermicro 2.5" tray with screws
  • $0.5 - 3.5" or 2.5" dummy drive beige plastic, or free with tray purchase until I run out
Supermicro other parts:
  • $25 shipped special - CSE-PTJBOD-CB1 - JBOD power controller motherboard replacement w/ blank backplate!
  • $8 - RSC-RR1U-E8 - PCIe x8 riser for Supermicro 1U cases
  • $5 - Supermicro chassis front panel breakout cable for non-supermicro boards
SAS/SATA cables, several available of each:
  • $6 - SFF-8087 SAS -> 4x SATA breakout cable (I have several types, LMK what you need)
  • $8 - SFF-8087 internal cable
  • $8 - SFF-8088 external cable 0.3M
  • $15 - SFF-8088 external cable 1M
  • $12 - SFF-8643 SAS3 -> 4x locking SATA breakout cables - 3 left
  • $20 - Supermicro internal 8087 to external 8088 cable/bracket single port tall bracket, -$5 for short bracket
  • $30 - Supermicro internal 8087 to external 8088 cable/bracket double port tall, -$5 for short bracket
  • $40 - Supermicro internal 8087 to external 8088 cable/bracket quad port special bracket as used in 837 and 847 JBOD units
Other kinds of cards and video related stuff:
  • I have several HDTV tuner cards and Popcorn hour video streamers
  • $80 - Canopus/Grass Valley ADVC-100 1394/Firewire - rock solid A/V/S-video capture device w/ locked audio, great for capturing/archiving analog video of all kinds
Quick want list for potential trades:
  • 8TB/10TB 5400/5700 RPM WD/HGST or WD My Book / EasyStore
  • 1.6TB and larger SSDs
  • BPN-SAS3-216EL1-N4
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Feb 15, 2015
I'm doing inventory today, if I have any extra V1/V2 CPUs I'll be in touch regarding a x9 board.

Great list of parts you have, and nicely organized too.


Dec 27, 2014
Imterested in the LSI 4i4e HBA. Assume it would be ZFS/FreeNAS compatible? Will take it if so.


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May 6, 2015
SF Bay area
this is probably dumb to ask but can you rock a supermicro x10 mobo with an i3 cpu and ecc ram?

edit: intel ark says it can take ecc.
All x9 and X10 Xeon e3 Supermicro boards only take unbuffered ECC RAM and run any Celeron, Pentium, i3 or Xeon e3, which is one of the reasons they are such great and popular boards!

Do take ARK with a grain of salt though - Intel disabled (possibly accidentally) ECC support on the processors for some Ivy Bridge models, which were not updated ARK as discussed in the FreeNAS forum link below (and Intel forums and others it links to). The upshot is that Ivy bridge Pentiums don't support ECC, and possibly some Ivy Bridge i3 models, but Ivy Bridge Celerons, and of course Xeon e3 are fine, and Sandy Bridge and Haswell are unaffected and support ECC. Also noteworthy, many processors on ARK list ECC support as a blank, not "Yes" or "No".

Once I found out about this, I have been using the test ECC program someone wrote on each model of chip I run across, just to verify, and have not run into a non-ECC chip yet (but I have no Ivy Bridge Pentiums, only Celerons, Xeon e3s and I had an i3)

Here is the discussion, although it may not be the one with all of the other links in it:
QUESTION - Ivy Bridge Core i3s and ECC - Santa Clara, we have a problem... | FreeNAS Community

I'm all caught up on replies, thanks everyone for your patience!

My latest update to the list added X10/Haswell boards and procs, the non-LSI controllers, my custom trayless hotswap towers, and clarifications here and there. (I had to retype it since my initial version was lost due to it exceeding 1000 characters.) I will add NICs, drives, se3016 JBODs and some other miscellany soon, and I may decide to give up one of my SAS3 expanders, we'll see.

I am also removing sold/traded items since there is a posting size limit, thanks everyone!
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Dec 27, 2014
Bump! The LSI 4i4e SAS card arrived yesterday, and I installed and tested it this morning. Works like a champ!

Now, turns out I don't have the SATA breakout cables I thought I did! PM incoming.

Yarik Dot

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Apr 13, 2015
I have an X10SLL-F, 4x4GB PC3-10600E tested with a G3220 and an i3-4350, no problems.
heh. I have a lot of problems with SLL-F as there are 2 types of network chips. There is different network order in bios and debian (even during installation). I still havent figure out a solution.

Sorry for OT.


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May 6, 2015
SF Bay area
bump for a question:

Any opinions on a single LSI 16i versus 2 x 8i cards for ZFS on Freenas?
Generally, with 7200RPM or 5400RPM disks, either should be fine bandwidth-wise, as would be a single -8i card plus a SAS expander, but it depends a lot on your use case, and which exact controllers you are talking about.

I have had a tower running for a few years with one of the 2 ports on an 9220-8i card to an Intel SAS expander to 20 Hitachi 5400RPM drives with no issues and 1.7GB/s write as a pure stripe (initial testing only) or 1GB/s write with z3 (final config). My friend has 2x 9220-8i cards directly attached to 15 drives - he didn't do as extensive bandwidth testing as I did, but I suspect it's not much faster if at all with spinning disks, although it would be with 15 SSDs. The 9200-16i is perfect for an ItX build with no room for a SAS expander or if you only want to do directly attached disks, but otherwise it's not better than the other options. Also the 9200-16i cards seem to be hard to find, and I never found a second one, so I never did much other than basic testing with it since I always want a spare available.

If you're talking about SAS3 cards, PCIe 3.0 x8 doesn't quite have the bandwidth for 8x 12Gbps ports fully saturated let alone 16, but the 9300-16i cards I am selling are 2 controllers on 1 card, which gives you lots of IOps, which is great for databases or other highly active random read/write scenarios on SSDs.


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Nov 30, 2015
sfbayzfs is a great seller. I purchased a chassis and a couple of HBA cards from him. He was informative and helpful through the whole process, never got frustrated by my questions, and included extra parts for free. I have yet to receive the order due to a Fedex delay and a weekend vacation, but tomorrow morning I am picking it up. I have no concern that the package will arrive as expected and I will post an update tomorrow once I pick everything up. Even without picking up the package, I can't say enough positive things about sfbayzfs. Top notch seller and just all around great to deal with.
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Dec 10, 2013
Agreed - sfbayzfs is a great seller. Even though I didn't end up buying from him, he gave me free tips on what to look for and answered all of my questions politely. Definitely a good guy.


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Nov 30, 2015
I received my order from sfbayzfs this afternoon and I cannot say enough positive things about him. Not only did he answer a ton of questions for me, but the packing was impeccable. I have never seen such precision and attention to detail in packing an order. Thank you sfbayzfs!


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May 6, 2015
SF Bay area
Updated with price drops, sold items removed, and complete NAS special. Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone I have dealt with so far has been great!
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