9460-16i and nvme devices: some questions

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Jun 25, 2022
I recently purchased a 9460-16i to upgrade from my 9750-8i. Its the avago one firm (from mid 2022) driver 7.23.
The card is in 13 mode: 64 SAS/SATA drives +4 nvme drives. Personality: RAID.

The card detects regular (SATA) drives in all ports. Detects both the RES24 expander and the RES3TV360 and drives connected to them.

The problem is I've been unable to make it detect nvme drives.

I purchased a SFF-8643 to U.2 (8639) cable and a [U.2 (8639) to nvme + sata power] adapter. I'm using a sabrent rocket 4 plus drive as a test drive. The drive works when connected to a M.2 slot.
I've got no boot messages nor log messages regarding the nvme drive.
SuperCap battery backup is on the way.

Any hints?
I've been unable to find an unofficial* list of "compatible" drives for such scenario, it is limited to U.2 enterprise drives?
Has anyone used m2 drives for such scenario? (with cable adapters)
I've read something about a reclck cable pins, but I'm unable to find what this was, could be that the problem?
Is there a MegaRaid Software for this card? this LSA webserver is kind of meh.

*Official compatibility list nvme drives:


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Mar 18, 2016
I think for the nvme raid controllers you will need special cables, heck the manuals/documentations for part numbers