1. K

    9460-16i and nvme devices: some questions

    I recently purchased a 9460-16i to upgrade from my 9750-8i. Its the avago one firm (from mid 2022) driver 7.23. The card is in 13 mode: 64 SAS/SATA drives +4 nvme drives. Personality: RAID. The card detects regular (SATA) drives in all ports. Detects both the RES24 expander and the RES3TV360...
  2. D

    LSI Avago 9300-8i Firmware Bios update problems.

    Hello I purchased a new LSI Avago 9300-8i (SAS3008) SAS/HBA card. I'm struggling to update the firmware and bios. I admit I don't have much experience with this type of hardware. The original firmware revision on the card was version 5.x.IT. However, I found a guide from here that did help me...
  3. Sniper_X

    Maxing out SAS 12Gbps disk performance - Which drives will be fastest?

    I want to maximize the speed of the 12Gbps SAS interfaces in my 2U - 4 node QUANTA servers. I know my choices are to either go full SSD, or SSD cached Hybrid HDD. I have 6 SAS 12Gbps slots per server node. Right now I have an SSD in slot 1 and the remaining 5 slots are HDD. When I benchmark...