1. N

    Is it possible to swap ZIL vdevs on a ZFS pool?

    tl;dr I just got an Optane drive. I'm currently running 2 SSDs in mirror as ZIL, I want to remove them and use only the Optane drive as ZIL. How can I do this? My current setup is as follows: Xeon D-1541 8c/16t 64GB DDR4 ECC Registered 6x12TB drives in RAIDZ2 (72TB raw, 48TB usable) 1x512GB...
  2. M

    Best 300TB storage for $100K challenge

    Hi, I work for a research hospital. I would appreciate any comments or advice for file system and hardware design for a high-end storage solution. We have a few microscopes (running windows 10), each can produce 3-4GB/s of image data that needs to written to the shared storage and to be...
  3. S

    'httm' is my take on a CLI ZFS Time Machine

    Don't call it a h-- t-- time machine httm prints the size, date and corresponding locations of available unique versions (deduplicated by modify time and size) of files residing on ZFS snapshots, but can also be used to the interactively view and restore such files. 'httm' might change the way...
  4. G

    Symlinking pools is a bad idea (or is it?). But why?

    So to preface. I'm not going to do this. I'm not running zfs even (maybe yet , maybe ever). I was going trough the basics and I have questions my regular hangout couldn't answer in a way that wasn't "that's just dumb" . So you're supposed to size your pools and vdevs according to your loss...
  5. E

    Proxmox 6.4-13 + zfs + oom

    tl;dr - I'm running Proxmox 6.4-13 on a system with 2x e5 Xeon procs, 128gb ECC ram, with a rust array of approximately 50tb. My issue is, proxmox continuously kills 2 of my containers for OOM conditions, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to solve this. Oddly, it almost seems like...
  6. K

    Whole pool degragated after replaceing one disk in pool

    Hello, Yesterday i had /dev/sdf disk in DEGRAGATED - too many errors state. After replaceing hdd ... What i done is: zpool offline tank /dev/sdf zpool clear tank /dev/sdf zpool status zpool online tank /dev/sdf zpool replace tank /dev/sdf after that sdf was resilvering after some time when I...
  7. E

    OminosCe r151038d smb file lock issues

    Hello @gea and everybody, I have migrated my old samba3 file share server(CentOs) to OminosCe r151038d with napp-it. Everything working fine,only having smb file lock issues sometimes. I know smb on Omnios working in-kernel and it is not same bits with samba project. You know there is...
  8. Z

    How to get the fastest possible write and read speeds on Linux?

    The work load consists of generating many files as fast as possible on very fast storage, (RAID 0 of nvme drives) and transferring that data to slow storage for long term storage while minimizing the bottleneck. I'm trying to minimize the time limit for the transfers to long term storage. When...
  9. N

    Ubuntu Server & L2ARC on Same Drives

    I'm looking for some advice on partitioning a new system with multiple disks for root on ZFS with Ubuntu Server 20.04. This is the hardware I have: 2 x Intel D3-S4610 256 GB SSD 4 x Seagate EXOS 7E8 8TB 32 GB ECC RAM (planning of expanding to 64 GB later) In brief, this is what I tentatively...
  10. N

    SLOG/L2ARC in Ubuntu w/Docker File-/Media Server

    Hello experts. I'm have recently built a server to be used as file-/media server for myself and a few family members. It will be running on Ubuntu Server with ZFS. I will be using Docker to run quite a few services for serving and streaming. Although I have already built the server I am not...
  11. M

    Prevent or reduce frequency of txg_sync

    I have a small server (Debian Buster) containing 2 WD RED hard disk which I have encrypted with LUKS and on which I set up a ZFS datapool with RAID 1. As the server is not used to frequently I have created a autoshutdown script which checks for services etc. and if the data drives are active...
  12. gb00s

    EU (SOLD) >> 3.2TB - Fusion ioMemory™ / Sandisk SX350 PCIe (very low usage)

    I'm selling a 3.2TB barely used Sandisk SX350. Current vsl-iomemory4 drivers are available from Snuf's GitHub repository. Got it running in Debian (Proxmox), Gentoo and even Arch Linux. The cards are traded on eBay for >500EUR even with high usage. Due to its very low usage, I'm asking for 399...
  13. D

    Zpool on sparse files

    Hi everyone! I have an NFS share, where I'm planning to store my backups. I created a raidz2 zpool on 7 sparse files on that NFS share and transferred snapshots using syncoid to that zpool. It seems to me that it's a working solution, but I haven't done that before and wanted to hear your...
  14. G

    ZFS on centos rapid SATA drive failures

    I have a system that's on a supermicro with several jbods. It was all 4TB SAS, but put in 8TB SATA. It has had more drives fault in 6 months than in my 20 years in storage. I am an enterprise storage guy, NetApp etc. This was dropped in my lap and I can't figure out why this is happening. Any...
  15. G

    Snaps are broken after restarting ubuntu 20.04 on zfs

    Hi, I’ve been using snap for at least over a year now without any problems and it was great. Recently I decided to reinstall my system to ubuntu 20.04 but with ZFS as a file system. Since then I have weird problems with snap. After a restart I cannot launch any of my applications installed via...
  16. D

    Optimize Write Amplification (ZoL, Proxmox)

    Hi, I've setup a Proxmox-Hypervisor and got a total write amplification of around 18 from VM to NAND flash. Can someone hint me how to improve this? Server setup: Supermicro X10SRM-F, Xeon E5-2620v4, 64GB DDR4 2133 ECC root drives: 2x Intel S3700 100GB (sda/sdb, LBA=4k) mirrored with mdraid...
  17. J

    quickest method to clone zfs snapshot to a new zvol?

    I have a ZoL system (0.7.9-1) with 3 pools: VMdata: Main pool with zvols for VMs (proxmox), daily snapshots running here Backup: Backup pool where snapshots get replicated (Sanoid) Pool3: Other empty pool There are a couple of zvol that I want to access in the entirety from a few days back...
  18. sboesch

    TrueNAS Beta 2 is working great!

    I installed Beta 2 on one of my servers, it has dual E5-2620 v3 CPUs, and 128GiB of RAM. I have 8x 4TB rust disks in a pool, and two 2TB SSDs in a pool. I have identical speeds and performance as I did with ZOL on Debian Buster. My previous experience with TrueNAS Beta 1 was not so hot, I...
  19. J

    Why mount zfs dataset?

    The Oracle Docs illustrate mounting a zfs dataset under /export/dataset.... I might be missing something, but, why mount it? If you're doing an NFS export, why not just export /pool/dataset?
  20. gb00s

    iXsystems next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE >> Debian Linux

    Link: Starting our next Open Source Project - TrueNAS SCALE