1. AveryFreeman

    Anybody seen a Supermicro board not recognize hard drives/SSDs before?!

    Hey, I got a new board recently to upgrade my oddball UIO case server, it's an X10SRW-F, which is like a WIO form factor X10SRL-F My BIOS is rev 3.22 (latest) and IPMI Redfish 3.9 (also latest - just updated both last night) I was really excited to set this board up and retire my X9SPU-F, but...
  2. R

    Anyone know how to hot-swap? I have the ToughArmor MB606SPO-B

    I just got the ICY DOCK MB606SPO-B on amazon, and my system is not letting me hot-swap. Do you guys know to "enable" the function on Windows 10 Pro? I thought it would work straight out of the box.
  3. G

    [FS] [USA-TX-AUSTIN] Supermicro X9DRi-F, dual Xeon E5-2670 V2, 32GB (4X8GB) ECC SAMSUNG 2Rx4 PC3-10600R

    This was originally posted at r/homelabsales but also posting here I have a Supermicro X9DRi-F board, dual E5-2670 V2's and 32GB RAM for sale. Everything is in good, working condition....just need to clear out excess parts. The board comes with SAS breakout cables, IO shield and one SATA cable...
  4. U

    Broke my new Ironwolf 10TB's sata port during installation

    As mentioned in the title, I messed up and broke my brand new Seagate Ironwolf 10TB sata port during installation. I blame cable management but in the end, I'm the one who did that as well so I can only blame myself. :) I originally posted this on LTT forums a few weeks ago and I figured I'd...
  5. Z

    FS: 12TB HGST SATA (cold spare) + Bonus

    Selling a (cold spare) drive that has been sitting on the shelf for going on 1 year. We are moving to larger 16TB drives, so my raid is being set to our test environment. (Might post the old old raid 4-8TB drives soon or the whole ESXi server). The drive was used in the original setup and may...
  6. A

    New harddrives for H700 (Dell R710)

    Hi, so I bought an R710 a while back, and for some reason the drives were not recognised by the raid controller. Initially I had an M1015, but swapped it out for an H700 when the drives didn't work. (The seller thought the H700 would work with the drives). The drives are 4Kn (HP...
  7. F

    Newbie sanity check, HBA card...

    Sorry for the post, been utterly confusing myself of late and it's for cable/card types i've never used before, so i'd like someone to check this will likely work :) Case i've ordered is the Silverstone CS381 chassis. With my old PC's AMD B350 + 1700 CPU + 32GB RAM combo in it as my new NAS/VM...
  8. C

    How to update the firmware for IBM SATA&SAS drives

    Hi, I've been googling this question for a few hours now...and just can't seem to find a straightforward answer. I have several IBM branded drives... I believe they're all Seagates... ST3000NM0033 - SATA ST4000NM0033 x 2 - SATA ST6000NM0014 - SAS All running on a Supermicro server. Does...
  9. L

    SAS HDD-s won't spin up

    Hy! I bought this cable and i connected to my Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ SFF8087 port. I plugged the cable other end to the HDD-s and they won't spin up. I tried to cover PIN3 on the hdd, still the same...
  10. hmartin

    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    A vendor in Poland is selling Rackable half-depth chassis with 12 LFF bays Newer version (Dual Socket F, plastic drive trays, 3 chassis fans, Mini-SAS connectors on backplane) Older version (Dual Socket 940, metal drive trays, 2 chassis fans, SATA connectors on backplane) Both versions...
  11. X

    Using DVD SATA for new SSD - HP Proliant ML110 G7

    I'm attempting to add a single 256GB SSD drive as my server system and OS drive. I intend to install WSE 2019 with 4x1TB HDD's in RAID 0 in the existing 4 bay drive cage. Two things I have noticed is that there is a spare unused SATA connector on the MB, but no available power cable. There is...
  12. Z

    Supermicro SAS backplate, LSA 2208 and working with ZFS

    Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone, I'm going to put my hands on supermicro hardware to make a virtualization server, and I have a question regarding proper using it for ZFS. So first the hardware: motherboard: X9DRH-7TF Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X9DRH-7TF it...
  13. J

    RAID0 on motherboard's SATA not as fast as expected

    Hi. Forgive the newbie question! I have an 8 x 12TB disk Zfs RAID0 array running on the motherboard's SATA connectors on an AMD X399 motherboard. Read speeds top out at about 800 MB/sec. This is slower than I expected. Each disk can sustain over 200 MB/sec so the RAID0 array should, in theory...
  14. I

    [New Find] JEYI JMS585 - PCIe to 5x M.2 SATA3 Adaptor

    Just thought I'd share a new piece of tech I found while doing my weekly browse on AliExpress. I was quite intrigued when I found a PCIe to 5x M.2 SATA3 adaptor for $59.00. Link: US $59.0 |JEYI JMS585 X16 PCIE 5 m. 2 SATA expansion card turn PCIE3.0 SATA RAID array card 5*ssd 5*ngff 5*m.2...
  15. T

    FS: Enterprise HGST and Toshiba HDDs/SSDs

    Hi all, I cleared this with the admin. Below is the intro and sale information. Our business, Tekram USA has been in the data storage/controller/RAID industry for over 20 years. Our main products are controller cards and Thunderbolt 3/Type C RAID enclosures. We've built a good reputation with a...
  16. madLyfe

    what to do with these WD Raptors(10k RPM SATA) from back in the day?

    i have these four 36GB WD 10k Raptors from back in the day and im not sure of what to use them for? are they only good for their magnets nowadays? are they sellable?
  17. W

    SATA LTO drives?

    Alright, time for a stupid question - so right now I have 4x4TB HGST Deskstar NAS drives on a raidz1 setup (in a MicroServer G7 N40L via FreeNAS), and I realized that maybe I should've slapped an extra 4TB up top and ran it on raidz2, my guess is that it might be a little too late for that one...
  18. O

    DIY backplane pcb

    Hi. I have a bunch of those 5.25" to 3.5" SATA SAS HDD Hard Drive Cage Adapter Tray Caddy Rack Bracket For 3x 5.25" CD ROM Slot Internal or External PC DIY-in Computer Cables & Connectors from Computer & Office on | Alibaba Group in my storage servers. They are cheap, they work...
  19. V

    H2312JFJR and sata3 6Gb/s

    Hello, I have recently bought an Intel H2312JFJR node system and having problems with the drive speed. This system is supposed to support 6Gb/s SATA speeds but I can't get it configured this way, it always peaks at 3Gb/s. The ssd drives I'm using are Samsung 850 Pro and the installed OS is...
  20. F

    NZ - 2 x IBM M1015s and SAS SFF-8087 to Sata fan out

    I have two IBM M1015's available $45USD each. Can supply SFF-8087 to 4xSata fan out cables additional $5 USD each. Purchaser also pays for shipping - the cost of which will be dependent on what shipping option they choose.