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    New harddrives for H700 (Dell R710)

    Hi, so I bought an R710 a while back, and for some reason the drives were not recognised by the raid controller. Initially I had an M1015, but swapped it out for an H700 when the drives didn't work. (The seller thought the H700 would work with the drives). The drives are 4Kn (HP...
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    M1015 (SAS9220-i8) - WebBIOS freezes, no disks recognized in ESXi.

    Hello! I just got my first server, an R710. I'm trying to set it up to pass my harddrives directly to any VM's I'll run. I first installed ESXi 6.7.0, but it wouldn't see any of my disks so I decided to check the Configuration Utility (WebBIOS). However, when I get to the "Select an adaptor"...
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    Dell R710

    Don't know where to post this so... I have an R710 and I put a third party riser in it for a graphics card, it now won't boot. I get an error message saying I have to put it back in. Is there any way around this as I would like to have a graphics card in here. The riser is: Thermaltake PCI-e...
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    SOLD: Dell Hardware - PowerEdge R710; PowerEdge R515; H200 - Used

    Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF - $300 - SOLD Dell PowerEdge R515 LFF - $350 - SOLD Dell H200 RAID Controller - SOLD
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    FS: DELL R710, (2) E5649 2.53GHZ 24thrds, 96GB ECC RAM, 3.5IN, PERC H700, DUAL 870W PSU, RAPID RAILS

    (UPDATED) Dell R710 Specs 2U form factor (6) 3.5in drivebays with drive trays – 2/6 Bays with removable 2.5in Adapter 96GB DDR3 1333 ECC Registered RAM - PC3-10600R (2) Matched Intel Xeon E5649 2.53ghz 6 Core Processors Dell Rapid Rails with adjustable Rack Depth PERC H700 512MB Cache...
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    What do I do next, need some input [memory, life, and stuff]

    Howdy, not totally sure if this is the correct place to post this, but if not, please move it. Also, this is going to be a long one. :) PREQUEL: I live in a two bedroom apartment, where one of the bedrooms currently is a server room/storage/man-cave, but life happens and we are expecting a baby...
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    FS: Clearing out Old Server Lab

    SPRING CLEANING - the rest goes to liquidation/recycling in a couple weeks. Long time lurker, first time poster with a bunch of old production and warehouse hardware for sale. Located in South Jersey outside Philly, can meetup in the Tri-State Metro PA/NY/NJ area (within reason). Local Pickup...
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    what cable for a H310 RAID card on a Dell R710?

    Hi, I just ordered on ebay a H310 card for my R710 so that I can flash into IT mode so that I can let FreeNAS play nicely with my drives and overcome the 2TB limitation. I don't have experience at all with backplanes, SAS connection and basic server related hardware.. so I wonder if someone...
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    Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF Server 8-Core 3.5" HDD 48GB PERC6i iDRAC6 + 2 Trays $ 199

    Yet another great offer for the folks in the US Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF Server 8-Core 3.5" HDD 48GB PERC6i iDRAC6 + 2 Trays | eBay
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    UEFI boot with Perc H200i in Dell R710

    I've searched for awhile now and can't find what I need. Hopefully the community can help. Hardware: Dell R710 2 x 3TB WD Red 4 x 4TB WD Red Perc H200i flashed to IT mode (P19). MPT firmware ; NVDATA version In UEFI boot mode, I'm trying to install Win server 2016...
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    Canada Go Big or Go Home: 144 GB Ram, 16 threads @ 3Ghz ESXI / Hyper-V Monster Server - $445 US/ $595 Can

    Great Home Lab / VM Server - Dell R710 Dual X5570 (16 Threads @ 3 Ghz each! ), 144 GB Ram, $595 I would say the Dell R710 is the most compatible / supported Server available. i.e. it is supported by just about every OS (including ESXI 5-6, Windows Server OS's 2003 to 2016 and Windows Desktop...
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    McAfee WG-5500 bios reflash possible to stock dell R710?

    Hey all. I've been trolling around ebay looking for a deal on a cheap R710 and came across a deal on an older model McAfee WG5500 (specs: http://www.infomach.com.br/datasheet/ds_web_gateway_spec.pdf ). I picked it up since the parts are easily worth what I paid, but I was wondering if it was...