UEFI boot with Perc H200i in Dell R710

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New Member
Apr 9, 2017
I've searched for awhile now and can't find what I need. Hopefully the community can help.

Dell R710
2 x 3TB WD Red
4 x 4TB WD Red
Perc H200i flashed to IT mode (P19). MPT firmware ; NVDATA version

In UEFI boot mode, I'm trying to install Win server 2016 datacenter to one of the 3tb drives. I can get the installation to start, but after finishing the computer restarts and will not start windows. The UEFI boot manager says "Unavailable Windows Boot Manager"

When I look in diskpart, it says the disk is offline and Read-only. I can online the disk, but attempts to clear the Readonly attribute results in "DiskPart failed to clear the attributes." Keep in mind that I'm using diskpart that's on the installation media (USB).

Has anyone seen this behavior? More importantly, anybody got an idea how to resolve?