1. D

    x10dax does no recognize gpus in slots 4 and 5

    My sm x10dax dual xeon board (dual e5 2683v3 on board, working fine) has stopped recognizing graphics cards if they sit in slots 4 and 5. Slots 4 and 5 are associated with the second cpu (according to manual). Slots 1,3,6 work fine. These slots go with the first cpu. Gpus in 4 and 5 do not even...
  2. H

    ConnectX-3 pro En in x4 slot

    HI, Back again Was comparing CX3 with CX3 pro cards and found out that CX3 cards will work in x4 mode when connected to pcie3 (x8 in gen2), but nothing about this in XC3-Pro En but these lines: --- A lesser width adapter can be seated into a greater width slot (x4 in a x8), but a greater width...
  3. H

    Dual sfp+ 10gb nic in pciev3 x4

    Hi My very first post here I was about to buy my first 10gb nic, during my researches I found out that there is almost no pcie gen3 dual sfp+ 10gb nic with x4 edge connector, as the bandwith provided by x4 gen 3 is enough for 40gbps full duplex, is there any reason(backward compatibility, etc)...
  4. fossxplorer

    HGST Virident FlashMAX 2 550GB $145 or BO

    Looks pretty good, although no personal experience with any PCIe based SSDs. Seems to have pretty good read IOPS though. HGST Virident FlashMAX 2 550GB SSD Flash PCIe Enterprise Drive - App Accelerator Update: the spec for this seems much better than the Toshiba HK3E2 Series i i bought recently.
  5. S

    IBM H1110 x4 not working in Skylake PCIe x4 slot - suggestions?

    Hey all, I have a Supermicro X11SAE-M and an IBM H1110 (SAS2004, sort of like a LSI 9211-4i but with an x4 form factor) with a Skylake Xeon E3 v5 CPU. The H1110 works in the x16 slot, but is not recognised in the x4 slot (according to Linux lspci). It shows up in the LSI BIOS control center in...
  6. R

    Do I need a new PSU for this build (UP to DP)

    I currently have a hex-core AMD CPU (95W) and 20 drives in a Norco 4220 chassis powered by an Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU. I was looking at a Supermicro X8DTI-F board with a pair of Xeon 5630s (40W). Since my Antec doesn't have any EPS connectors, I was looking at a PCIe to EPS adapter (Akasa...
  7. ZeDestructor

    WTB Low profile bracket for LSI9206-16e

    As stated in title, I'm looking for a low-profile bracket (and just the bracket, since I already have the card) for an LSI9206-16e (LSI9202-16e brackets should also work). Shipping to Aus should be cheap, since it's just the bracket.