[New Find] JEYI JMS585 - PCIe to 5x M.2 SATA3 Adaptor


Jan 30, 2017
Just thought I'd share a new piece of tech I found while doing my weekly browse on AliExpress. I was quite intrigued when I found a PCIe to 5x M.2 SATA3 adaptor for $59.00.

Link: US $59.0 |JEYI JMS585 X16 PCIE 5 m. 2 SATA expansion card turn PCIE3.0 SATA RAID array card 5*ssd 5*ngff 5*m.2 softraid card big power NEW-in Add On Cards from Computer & Office on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

From the specs, it's using a JMicron JMS585 controller which offers: PCIe Gen3x2 to SATA 6Gb/s x5. There's little to no information on the controller and OS support, but I'm guessing it should support Linux out of box.

While I was initially excited, on a second look I'm unsure why JEYI used a x16 slot. Ideally I'd prefer an x8 slot or to have notches (like the 1U NVMe adaptors) for universal slot support.
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Jan 26, 2011
5x SATA m.2 drives, all MUXd through one of the worlds slowest SATA controllers onto PCIe x2. While it might save some space for some applications it is not going to be fast...(massive understatement).