Looking for unique PCIe cards with drivers


New Member
Sep 26, 2017
Hey all, I wasn't sure where else to post. I'm looking for unique PCIe cards with drivers available to play around with. I just like trying out different things in my build.

I keep finding really interesting, even if older / dated PCIe cards for data compression, SSL / crypto, etc but I end up not finding any kind of drivers available for them, often zero info or even a decent site to get more clues. When I message the sellers I get no comment and the descriptions have no info.

I have all kinds of other PCIe cards; sound, all kinds of video input cards, even PCI RAM cards. If I made a list it might be way too huge but I often look at Newegg/Amazon/Aliexpress and other sites just looking at random cards. But I'd like to try some other stuff out there. Just the issue is that most of the hardware acceleration cards out there seem to have some proprietary, super hidden, drivers that seem kinda impossible to do anything with. So not surprisingly those cards are often $10 or less.

I know this is a really odd, super broad post, but I figured I'd try since STH has such a diverse group of enthusiasts.