Weird PCIe Issue

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Elliot Schmidt

New Member
Mar 2, 2020
Not sure where this fits so I'm putting it here. I have a Tyan s7012 that has been great so far except for this one bizarre issue I'm having. I need to put a GPU in the bottom slot of the motherboard because of expansion card spacing but whenever I have a GPU plugged into that slot it doesn't detect it. The card is receiving power from the slot but neither the OS or BIOS are detecting the card. The GPU works and is detected in other slots of the motherboard, and I've tried multiple different cards both AMD and Nvidia. I have run out of ideas of what could be wrong and am hoping that someone can help me with it. I've attached a picture of the PCIe lane layout from the manual if that helps anyone. The slot I'm trying to plug into is slot 1. Thanks in advance!!



Active Member
Dec 26, 2018
The Netherlands, Groningen
you are talking about the pci-e #1 slot on the diagram.
i think that pci-e slot is not for gpu....if any other gpu is also not working in that slot and they work in other slots, than is the slot not can't fix it....forget gpu in that slot