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  1. S

    Beelink SER4 - m.2 nvme SSD in the m.2 Wifi slot

    Hi, Is there a m.2 nvme SSD that I can use in m.2 wifi slot in Beelink SER4 mini pc? I believe its an A+E key, but not too sure. Thanks Radha
  2. F

    Linkreal PCIe x8 to 4 Port M.2 M Key NVMe SSD Adapter with PLX 8725 Support 22110mm-LRNV9524-4I

    Hi All, Any one tried one of these cards with PLX chips? I have one x8 PCIe slot available in my Dell R720. So I was thinking to get one of these cards, slap 4 x nvme's on it. Create a fast pool in my TrueNas. Cheers. Here is the link...
  3. B

    Synology Low Speed with 40Gbps NIC & Nvme SSD

    Hello guys, sorry for my poor English. I just built a server with Xpenology(synology) on C612 motherboard, 40G nic, 2 x samsung PM1725a 6.4T nvme pcie ssd(2 x basic no raid) just in case some ppl don't know it yet: We now are able to use nvme ssd as storage in synology (by using mdadm in ssh)...
  4. D

    NVMe performance on IBM x3650 M3

    Hi, On my IBM x3650 M3 server (model 7945K3G) I added two Kingston SSD A1000 M2 with 960 Gb of capacity (the exact model is SA1000M8/960G A1000) mounted into two M.2 PCIe adapter (https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B07CBJ6RH7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). I'm using Proxmox...
  5. M

    1.6TB intel NVMe ssd (p3605) (sun branded) ($280 usd)

    Sun 7302552 1.6TB DC P3605 2.5in SFF NVMe/PCIe Solid State Drive 7334977 636946493288 | eBay i would love 8 but unfortunately i need this funny thing called money.so maybe someone else might have some fun and building something off the walls.
  6. B

    Storage expansion on Supermicro SuperServer Dual X8DTT-HF+ 2U Chassis

    I recently bought a Supermicro SuperServer Dual X8DTT-HF+ 2U Chassis for homelab purposes (virtualization, NAS, domotica, media server etc). Per node the case has six 3.5inch trays I would like to use for NAS drives. The X8DTT-HF+ comes with a PCIE x8 ricer card, I'd like to use for the boot...
  7. E

    Samsung SM953 firmware update/OP

    Hi all, Just got a 480GB Samsung SM953 NVMe SSD, which I wanted to check the firmware version of, and configure over provisioning etc. Oddly, when I use either the consumer or datacenter versions of Samsung magician, it cannot find the drive. Has anyone else ever used one of these, and been...
  8. T

    Epyc ZFS Server - NVMe vs. SATA/SAS

    I'm a big fan of AMD's new processors. My Threadripper workstation is great, and I've been toying around with the idea of building an Epyc server that would run storage (appr. 15 TB needed) and my VMs here (mail server, web server, Plex, a bit of minecraft for the nippers... ;)) Liking the...
  9. Z

    FS: 1.2TB Intel DC P3600 NVMe + More ($1,500)

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my NVMe Lab. I bought 4x Intel DC P3600 ES 1.2TB 2.5" drives around 1 year ago and have only used them a handful of times for testing. (100% drive health) One drive I tried to flash and upgrade but has caused it to show (0%) health and is not working (yellow...
  10. J

    Best value ~250GB m.2 nvme ssd?

    I'm building a new gaming pc, and as it has support for m.2 pcie nvme boot drives, I'd like to use that :) What is the best deal these days for a ~250GB nvme drive? (new or used/refurbished) -Jannis
  11. E

    Motherboard will only boot after a CMOS reset?

    I've visited this site a bit recently, but I haven't made an account and posted until now. In the last few weeks, I have gotten the parts for and breadboarded a custom Workstation PC. The PCPartPicker list is at Extreme Workstation Build - evanzolman's Saved Part List - Xeon E5-269... -...
  12. A

    NVMe boot with SuperMicro X9DA7 & X9DRi-F

    Parts used: SuperMicro X9DA7 Samsung 960 EVO NVMe - 500GB Angelbird Wings PX1 2x Kingston USB flash drives Step 1: Create Win10 UEFI USB. I used the 1st part of these instructions: Windows 10 Tip: Create Windows 10 Setup Media the Right Way - Thurrott.com I added 2 folders to the USB drive...
  13. J

    Workstation Storage Question

    Hey all, I'm currently working out a new build for a home workstation that I use to work with my racks and also for pleasure. My current rig is going to be sold and I want to avoid some of the issues I was having with my Samsung Pro NVMe. My Questions: What is the fastest storage device...
  14. james23

    Intel 750 PCIe (nvme) Wear Endurance falling insanely fast (on RMA'd drive too)??

    Hellooo! I have a Intel 750 PCI E 400 GB NVMe SSD drive as my main boot drive on my desktop PC, running windows 10 - 64 bit (Win 10 as boot for about the past 5 months, in the prior 2 months i had been running Win 7 - 64) . I quickly noticed that the 750 PCIe's Smart Wear endurance stat had...
  15. R

    S2600CP: Can it boot from NVMe? ... Like a Pci-E SSD card?

    I semi asked this question in a thread about something else in the storage part of the forum, but it probably deserved its own question. Is an Intel S2600CP board with the newest BIOS, 02.06.0002, able to boot from a NVMe HDD? Like a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 stick via a Pci-e card or an Intel 750 /...
  16. EluRex

    How to use OCZ rev350 as ZIL & Cache

    I am facing a problem about kernel module loading order. I am using Proxmox VE 4.1 (Debian 8.1) and root on ZFS mode. I have a OCZ Rev350 NVMe PCIe SSD need to configure as ZIL and cache. However OCZ NVMe has its module called oczpcie and it loads after ZFS module is loaded, so therefore...