1. I

    Noise level of SMT1500RM2U

    Hi guys, I consider purchasing a rackmount UPS (SMT1500RMJ2U - same as the model in the title but for the Japanese market, e.g. 100V). Does anybody know how loud the fans of these units are when they are NOT running on battery power? APC states a value of 46db(A) on their website which would...
  2. Bjorn Smith

    Dell VRTX noise

    Hi, I am considering bying a Dell PowerEdge VRTX, since I have been looking at it for a while and I really like the "everything in one box" approach. I know the tower version of the chassis is extremely low noise considering its a blade chassis: see -> Youtube video But I am wondering if...
  3. S

    Proliant ml350e gen8 v2 fan replacement

    I'd like to replace the Delta PFR0912XHE-BC90 jet engines with something less crazy, and make this server more home friendly. I've tried hooking up ebmpapst 3252J/2HP but they run full speed and ILO reports fan error. The only suitable datasheet i can find for the delta fans are PFR0912XHE-SP00...
  4. A

    Dell C6100 - Fans start out quiet, but over time grow louder

    Hey everyone, This isn't your usual "holy cow the C6100 is noisy!" question. My Intel (Tyan XS23-TY3) C6100 (after its initial jet engine startup) is actually rather quiet, likely because I am not pushing it too hard very often. I'm only running 2/4 blades as well, and they're located in the...
  5. Layla

    Create Custom Fan Speed Maps for SuperMicro X10 Servers via IPMI

    I got tired of the noise with my SuperMicro X10 Server (4027GR-TRT), but didn't want to get into involved hardware fan swaps which still may produce unsatisfactory results. For reference, the "Optimal" fan setting decided to run half of the fans at 8000RPM at idle, and the other half at 5000RPM...
  6. AveryFreeman

    Replace fans in Supermicro SM-826TQ 2U case?

    Hi, I have a supermicro 2U case which I love, but it's in my office and it's a little loud for office work (can even be heard over my switch, which is also loud). My girlfriend has also been complaining about it recently. I replaced (most) the fans in the switch with noctunas, which I had to...
  7. Z

    HDD Noise/heat

    Hello, My future NAS has to be in the living room of my home and so it has to be silent. I'm considering two different HDDs for Storage - WD Red or IronWolf (both 8 TB). The two main points while choosing the HDD is how much heat will be produced and how loud/quite the HDDs are. I think there...
  8. A

    PWS-920P-SQ noise?

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I just got a pair of PWS-920P-SQs for my backup server project, and was very surprised to find out that while running, the 920P-SQs (individually) are quite a bit louder than the 1k28P-SQ in my main file server. The noise isn't bad by any means...
  9. J

    supermicro sc847 45bay jbod - limit fan noise

    Has anyone managed to make the supermicro sc847 45bay jbod chassis a bit more homelab friendly noisewise? I tried powering it on yesterday, and it would be nice not to have a jumbojet in the apartment :) Would be nice not having to sell this.... -J
  10. D

    Chess workstation - home edition - noise

    Build’s Name: Chess Workstation / Home Edition 
Operating System: Windows 10
 CPU: Dual E5 2683 v3, CPU-coolers: 2x Noctua U9DX-i4, standard front to back fan orientation, low noise adapters 
Motherboard: Supermicro X10DAX
 Chassis: Supermicro SC732D4F-903B, Mid-Tower. Case fans: 1x exhaust case...
  11. L

    Using HP Procurve 2530 switches at home overkill?

    Looking to quieten down the home office which currently has a HP 2810-48G switch in it. I really want to make the room as quiet as possible which means swapping out the HP. I currently have four VLANs separated by Voice, CCTV, Management and Guest Wifi access. I don't need 48 ports, a quick...
  12. T

    ProLiant DL180 gen 9 vs custom build with Asus Z10PE-D16

    Hi, My Supermicro X9SAE died so I need a new server. I'm debating whether to build a new server or buy the HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen 9. My primary use for this server is as a vmware esxi server hosting pfsense, solaris, and a couple of Windows, OS X, Linux and FreeBSD vm's. I'm mostly doing web...
  13. O

    Supermicro PWS-1K21P-1R, PWS-501P-1R, PWS-920P-SQ noise comparison

    Hey guys, I just bought a Supermicro SC836 chassis that came with redundant 1K2 gold powersupplies (UK Dell Compellent SC40 server deal). Since the server will be sitting in my office, I was trying to find a less noisy power supply. This will only be a backup storage server so redundant power is...