Proliant ml350e gen8 v2 fan replacement


New Member
Aug 30, 2019
I'd like to replace the Delta PFR0912XHE-BC90 jet engines with something less crazy, and make this server more home friendly. I've tried hooking up ebmpapst 3252J/2HP but they run full speed and ILO reports fan error.
The only suitable datasheet i can find for the delta fans are PFR0912XHE-SP00 and i used that to wire the plugs for the papst fans.

Anyone got some info on what kind of voodoo i need to do to get non-stock fans to work? The papst fans seems to mostly fit the specs and i hooked them up with molex microfit female plugs which seems to be the correct ones.

I'd like the fans to be controlled according to temperature and behave as stock if at all possible.