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    OmniOS/Napp-it standalone to AIO ESXi

    Hi, I know this has been covered briefly before though I cannot find the appropriate thread: I have a standalone OmnisOS server but am trying to reduce my power bill as I have an R610 (2012 R2 Datacenter), R710 (2012 R2 Datacenter), and SQ836 X8F (OmniOS 48TB across two vdev) I've just recently...
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    Always lowercase SMB sharename? [Napp-It – OmniOS v11 r151018]

    Hi all (and mostly @gea), I have a question regarding share names. How come the SMB share is lower case? Even if the directory is named "This Is A Directory" the share becomes "this is a directory". Is it possible to get it to respect the way it is named? Thanks! :)
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    Napp-it iostat_60s.log = 220meg

    Hello, Ive been reading this forum for many months, and now it's time to ask my first question. I've got an Omnios box with Napp-it Pro installed and running. I've noticed prstat was showing a perl script using 10% CPU usage so I did some investigating and found it was...