1. A

    Memtest86+ errors under less than ideal conditions

    I have a new Supermicro Xeon D motherboard, with two new Samsung 32GB DDR4 sticks of RAM. I've been running Memtest86+ for the last 13 hours and have found 80 errors. I'm wondering if the errors could be caused by something other than the RAM. The RAM and motherboard both came new from eBay...
  2. fossxplorer

    DIMM population on SM H8DG6-F

    I have a server with the following MB Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Aplus Products | Motherboards | H8DG6-F I've read through the manual and the DIMM population guide, but still i have some doubts. Atm, there are 8 x 8GB of DDR3 ECC 1333 RAM installed into the DIMMs as recommended by the manual...