WTS: DDR3 8GB Memory - PC-10600R RDIMM RAM Sticks - $12 each shipped

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Jun 26, 2019
Selling a lot of server 8GB RDIMMS PC3-10600R and PC3-12800R. They should all be functional. These are recent server pulls, but please make sure they are compatible with your system before buying, as they are being sold as-is.

Listed quantities available below:

x2 Micron 8GB 10600R with headspreaders MT36JSZF1G72PZ-1G4D1DD - $12/each shipped
x8 Micron 8GB 10600R without headspreaders MT36KSF1G72PZ-1G4M1HI - $10/each shipped
x13 Samsung 8GB 10600R without headspreaders M393B1K70CH0-CH9Q5 - All Sold

x6 Samsung 8GB 12800R M393B1G70GH0-YK0 - $12/each shipped

x8 SK Hynix 4GB 12800R HMT451R7AFR8A-PB T8 AD - $40 shipped for all eight sticks

I am a new member to these boards but I have lots of positive reputation built up in other forums:
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Jul 1, 2019
Hi, new to the forum.
Would you be able to ship them to Sydney?
I was after 4 x 8GB DDR3 1600 (so I guess Samsung $12 mentioned above).
Can you please mention part number so I can check compatibility. Thanks
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Mar 23, 2019
Not looking for any DDR3R at the moment. But if you would decide to move your sale to eBay - make sure to advertise your HP branded modules as such. They do still sell at slightly higher price point over generic OEM.

Personally I do not care but it seems that some people prefer all boxes checked including "HP Smart Memory" in their ILO dashboards.
Must be an OCD thing.