Mellanox SN2410 SSD

Johan Kooijman

New Member
Feb 11, 2020
I have a 2 SN2410 of which the SSD's are fried. It's a known issue with these disks, Mellanox stopped shipping these switches with these disks:

InnoDisk 3ME 32G (MEM000089)
• Failures have been observed (lower than 0.8%), with correlation to excessive SSD disk write operations
• Symptoms: SSD disk excessive wear-out, the system becomes un-responsive
• Affected Mellanox switch models: MSN2700 and MSN2410 (or equivalent OEM
• Mellanox stopped manufacturing switches with MEM000089 disks since May 2018
• Firmware fix for this disk is not available.
• Mellanox provides a monitoring tool to measure the disk health and advise whether a disk replacement is required

This switch is out of warranty and without a support contract. But giving up a switch that's currently listed for 25k USD because a 40 USD SSD broke down.. no. So.. the question is: does anyone know if I can install any mSata SSD in these things, or do they have to be specific Mellanox rebranded InnoDisks?


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Jun 24, 2021
Had this same problem with a SN2100. Should it still be of any help, I can confirm that you *can* use a non specific mSATA M.2 device and it will work fine. Does NOT need to be a specific Mellanox rebranded InnoDisk device. HTH