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  1. S

    Water-Damaged WD MyBook Studio Edition II Quad Interface 6TB

    Hello, this is my 1st post and the reason why I joined. I have a water-damaged hard drive 6TB that had water on-or-in it for 1 day and then I dried it out. I see no water corrosion damage anywhere on the drive itself or the internal control board in the chassis or housing. This hard drive would...
  2. M

    [FS] [US-MN] Seagate Exos Enterprise 6TB Drives (SATA 6gbps) - <1Year POH - Warranty to 2026 - 8x Available

    I have a set of 8x Seagate Exos 6TB 3.5" HDD I'm selling. They are the SATA version (ST6000NM021A) so they work in PC, NAS, workstation, Server, etc. I have them listed at $60/ea, free shipping if you buy 2+ and discounts for selling the lot (preference). These have excellent health with...
  3. S

    [FS] Selling 12TB DELL EMC 9hxk6 HDD for $205 ASAP

    DELL EMC 9hxk6 12tb 7.2k rpm nlsas 12gbps 512e Hey there! So, I've got this DELL EMC 9hxk6 hard drive that's been chilling in my place. I got it a while back for a project that never really took off. It's 12TB, spinning at a decent 7.2K RPM Selling for $205 This runs on NLSAS at a speedy...
  4. mattlach

    *SOLD* Real Life Stuff For Sale / Trade FS: 12x 10TB 7200rpm Seagate Enterprise (Exos) 10TB Drives ~40k Hours Logged

    For sale are the drives listed in the table below. They will come in one fancy box courtesy of Seagate (they actually sent me this box with only one drive in it) Full SMART output and picture of each drive are attached at the bottom. Drive History: 1.) Drives were bought new by me over a...
  5. bilbo1337

    20TB hard drive for $295

    https://serverpartdeals.com/collections/manufacturer-recertified-hdd/products/seagate-exos-x20-st20000nm007d-20tb-7-2k-rpm-sata-6gb-s-3-5-recertified-hard-drive Just under $15 a TB but they're refurbished. The new drives on other places are going for around $440 or so, with other models and...
  6. bilbo1337

    Water Panther Expanse HDD showing up as EXOS NL 7200.7

    What's up guys. I posted an SSD deal the other day of this brand but ended up getting this hard drive instead. It showed up the next day after ordering which was kinda crazy. Anyways, I wanted to update the firmware but Water Panther doesn't have any way to go about this. So I looked up the...
  7. D

    Need SAS HBA/Raid Controller Recommendation

    I need to connect 4 SED Ultrastar HC550 hard drives somehow, but I don't know what to look for other than low price and number of ports. The drives are less than 285 MB/s each, so I doubt there would be bandwidth limitations. Does the HBA affect use of TCG Enterprise encryption? I was looking at...
  8. bilbo1337

    EXPIRED Seagate Exos 16TB Recertified Hard Drive at $234.99

    There's a promo code 'chiaching' which makes it come out to $234.99 each. They aren't new but still it's manufacture recerts which people get when they have to RMA a new drive from Seagate. So a bit better than a used drive. Also, it looks like there's no sales tax to pay so by itself that's a...
  9. D

    Toshiba 16TB Enterprise New $300

    https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Toshiba/MG08ACA16TE/ Model MG08ACA16TE Toshiba He line SATA-3 550 TBW 5-year warranty 512e format 1 in 10^16 URE
  10. bilbo1337

    18TB Enterprise HDD $424.99

    I've been watching 18TB prices and this looks like the cheapest out there right now. 18TB enterprise hard drive
  11. bilbo1337

    FS: 20 Packs of 16TB and 18TB drives

    I have a bunch of 16TB and 18TB drives I was going to use for Chia but changed my mind. I can accept wire and ship from Florida, US. PM me for more details, I can give big discounts on 2+ 20 packs. They're all sealed and brand new. 40 drives ST16000NM000J: $18K 40 drives ST18000NM000J: $23K $22K
  12. bilbo1337

    One of the cheaper 16tbs not on backorder right now

    WP Arsenal 16TB SATA 7200RPM 3.5-Inch DAS Hard Drive Compatible in NetApp, SuperMicro, Synology, JBOD Storage Expansion Enclosures - Newegg.com
  13. bilbo1337

    EXPIRED WD Ultrastar 18TB SAS at $367

    It's refurbished but these drives haven't really been out that long. Looks to be a good deal as 16TB is around this ball park of price. WD 18TB 4Kn SAS Hard Drive
  14. O

    SAS Backplane for DIY Workstation

    Is there a recommended SAS2 (or SAS3) backplane for DIY workstation builds? 4 drives preferred. 8 would be awesome (if that's possible) 3.5" drives preferred. If not, then 2.5 would be interesting Installed within regular ATX or large ATX case ATX or CEB motherboard cases, like the Asus X99-E...
  15. F

    Do I need to upgrade PSU from 750W to 1100W in Dell R720

    Hi All, I recently bought a dell R720 with a single 750W PSU. It came with a DVD and 6 spinning drives and 96 GB RAM. I then replaced the DVD with an SSD (Using SSD caddy) and ordered: 1. A pair of Intel XEOM E5-2650 v2 processors 2. 16GB DDR3 PC3 ECC RAM x 4 (Total RAM would be 64 + 96 = 160...
  16. bilbo1337

    Helium 8TB SATA HDD for $157

    Solid drive at a good price for new.
  17. A

    Scrutiny - Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T Monitoring, Historical Trends & Real World Failure Thresholds

    Hey STH, I've been working on a project that I think you'll find interesting -- Scrutiny. If you run a server with more than a couple of hard drives, you're probably already familiar with S.M.A.R.T and the `smartd` daemon. If not, it's an incredible open source project described as the...
  18. J

    WD 10Tb Easyshuck missing screw hole

    I just purchased and shucked 2 WD Element 10Tb drives and found that the drives are missing the middle mounting screw holes on the sides. Its a WD101EMAZ instead of the expected WD100EMAZ model. Has anyone else found this? Does anyone have any suggestions for how to mount this in a drive...
  19. P

    Raid5 grow time

    Hi, I have a Rackmount with a LSI-9011-8i. Now I have 2x8TB drives (one of these full) and I'm planning to buy another 4 of these drives (WD80EFAX) to build a RAID-5 with mdadm. (Now the 2 drives are NOT in RAID) If I create a RAID-5 with the new 4x8TB drives, how long will it take to grow, if I...
  20. realtomatoes

    Ultrastar 7K3000 SAS cable question

    i bought some of these for my hp h220 when i realized my SFF 8087 cable had 4 sata connectors. just need confirmation i need a Mini SAS 36 SFF-8087 to (4) SFF-8482 for these drives, right?