Water Panther Expanse HDD showing up as EXOS NL 7200.7

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Sep 18, 2020
What's up guys. I posted an SSD deal the other day of this brand but ended up getting this hard drive instead. It showed up the next day after ordering which was kinda crazy. Anyways, I wanted to update the firmware but Water Panther doesn't have any way to go about this. So I looked up the serial number and it actually showed up as an "EXOS NL 7200.7" or ST12000NM0007 model. I ran a transfer test on ATTO disk benchmark and reviewed SMART details on crystaldiskinfo, it seems like everything is okay, am I missing anything? I kind of impulsed bought as my curiosity got the best of me, but I'm just gonna backup and throw it in the closet anyways. Do these seem legit because it was actually a good deal if so. The only quirk I see is that in crystaldiskinfo the model shows up as OOS12000G and the serial doesn't match with what's shown on the actual drive.
For reference, here's the model I got: WESA5SLC0120D, there's a few other options.

IMG_2043.jpgIMG_2044.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-08 103753.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-08 103825.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-08 105318.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-08 105433.jpg