Do I need to upgrade PSU from 750W to 1100W in Dell R720


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Jan 12, 2021
Hi All,

I recently bought a dell R720 with a single 750W PSU. It came with a DVD and 6 spinning drives and 96 GB RAM.
I then replaced the DVD with an SSD (Using SSD caddy) and ordered:
1. A pair of Intel XEOM E5-2650 v2 processors
2. 16GB DDR3 PC3 ECC RAM x 4 (Total RAM would be 64 + 96 = 160 GB)
3. 1.8TB 2.5" SAS drives 12Gbps x 11
4. 800 GB SAS3 12Gbps SSDs x 5

And I wish to put in a GPU as well, (I have no idea which one to go for just now.)

Do i need to upgrade my PSU from 750W to 1100W?