1. marcoi

    eGPU with a Server?

    Anyone setup an eGPU with Thunderbolt on a server? I'm thinking of getting an eGPU setup that works off of thunderbolt interface and add a thunderbolt pcie card to my dell r720 (assuming i have a free PCIE slot - got to check). My idea is pass-through the thunderbolt card to a w10 VM and thus...
  2. M

    Titan V, Kingston 32gb Rdimm 2400mhz KVR24R17D4/32

    Titan V, 8 months old and will come with original invoice. $2300 shipped. $2200 local Zip: 95987 can meet anywhere of a hr radius. I can bring my Dan case for testing upon request if buyer brings a monitor. Titan v Titan v SEALED x12 Kingston 32gn Rdimm 2400 Ram. Price: $260 shipped per...
  3. Z

    Installation Issue of FreeNAS (GPU)

    Hello Everybody, I just bought all my compnents for my FreeNAS DIY-Server and the last item should arrive tomorrow. But now i tried to learn how to install my OS on the device. Neither my CPU nor my Motherboard has a GPU so my question is, does the System install itself on another USB Stick...
  4. chriscambridge

    AMD EPYC 7351P + GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 = 7 GPUS?

    Hi Guys, I just saw the review on the AMD EPYC 7351P CPU but it did not really go into GPU usage so I thought I would do a post in here to get some feedback and or advice on this. We are looking to build a 7 GPU rack using the EPCY so we can take advantage of the 128 PCIE lanes, basically...
  5. M

    Recommendations on Building a Monero Miner

    Hello, I would like to build a Monero mining computer with a great hash rate between $5-$15K as the budget or effectively produce a hash rate of above 3500 h/s I've been looking into using a build with a EPYC cpu. Likewise, I have also been considering buying 10-20 GPU's and combining them...
  6. Harry P. Nyce

    GPU Passthrough ESXi 6.5 - nVidia Quadro 2000

    So i'm now roughly half a week into my second attempts at troubleshooting GPU passthrough. I've researched information on VMware's site, as well as this great thread: Troubleshooting GPU passthrough ESXi 6.5 Unfortunately, i just cannot seem to figure out where i'm going wrong and was...
  7. yuzmemak

    4 gpu claymore, worse than 3 gpu ?

    Dear Sirs, What I experienced; 4 gpu (1x assus strix rx470 + 3x msi rx470). Claymore was showing me 2100 h/s on screen but pool hashrate is 1700 h/s. (after 12 hours test) After start use xmr stak, screen hashrate and pool hashrate almost same. (after 9 hours test) When I was using 3 gpu...
  8. T

    Dell C6145. Troubles working with any GPU

    Hello, I have Dell C6145 server which is otherwise working nice. I'd like to add external powered GPU (tried Geforce GTX 1060 and ATI Radeon 7870) to it via external powered riser, like this one: Once all properly wired up it...
  9. 4004

    GPU help, Server 2012 Standard

    Am in need of a 3D GPU upgrade. Am running server 2012 standard, x9sra motherboard. What is working right now- HD7950 with Catalyst drivers, 4k @60FPS What did not work- RX480 8GB, sapphire. Drivers will not successfully install. w7 compatibility mode (almost) installs them, but system...
  10. Laugh|nGMan

    Server 2016 & GPU pass-through with Direct Device Assignment (DDA)

    Just made a topic to collect some info about GPU that works without issues in Hyper-V Guest thru DDA. I'm tested Quadro K1200 and GTX 750 Ti, both have "Code 43" error in Device manager after first reboot. Platform: Supermicro x9srl-f + E5-1650 v2 Host: Windows Server 2016 Guest: Windows...
  11. P

    Intel S2600CP and Nvidia GTX 1070 problem

    Hello, A few months ago i bought my first workstation for my bioinformatics work. I used the natex combo to buy an Intel S2600CP2J, 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 and 128Gb of DDR3 ECC. All this is installed in an Enthoo Pro like many on this forum. My PSU is a Corsair RM850x. I bought a cheap Nvidia...
  12. N

    What GPUs fit into C6100 sleds?

    Anyone had any luck installing gpus on c6100s ? I'd prefer NVIDIA gpus but I'm open to options. I'm trying to build out a cheap tensorflow environment. Thanks