1. G

    WTB - Gigabyte GA-7PESH2

    Hi all, hoping someone has one available ready for V2 xeons. I'm Paypal ready. I do have a Quadro P2000 as trade bait if that helps. Edit - found one, thank you!
  2. A

    How NVMe servers deliver PCI to the drives?

    How do the servers like this 7232P with 24x NVME(each is 4x pci) and 1 CPU, connect the drives to the CPU? Do they use some kind of breakout boards for nvme? It it possible to assembly DIY >16 disk all-nvme storage right now and what cards may i need...
  3. 3

    LSI SAS 3008 On Gigabyte MD70-HB0

    I have a Gigabyte 12bay server (believe the model is R270-R3C) with a Gigabyte MD70-HB0 motherboard inside. I’m aiming to use for FreeNAS and as such looking to flash the LSI SAS 3008 controller to IT mode. Has anyone done this on this motherboard, or are there any how to guides I can follow...
  4. chriscambridge

    Gigabyte HPC Server cooling question?

    Gigabyte G482-Z50 Does anyone know, or could find out (as I think this server is pre-release), exactly how the following Gigabyte HPC server cools its CPUs? (excluding heat sinks) As you can see there are no front chassis fans, only fans behind the GPUs and at the back of the Chassis; hence my...
  5. H

    Gigabyte ga-7peslx fan speed

    Hi, I got few Gigabyte ga-7peslx motherboard. I'd like to lower the fan speed (actually running stock fan of supermicro CSE-825 at 6000 RPM, pretty loud). I try the ipmitool raw commands of supermicro board, but it don't work's : root@hv1:/home/alex# ipmitool raw 0x30 0x45 0x00 Unable to...
  6. M

    Gigabyte GA-7TESM in Supermicro CSE-835TQ

    Hello all, I'm new to server building and have an issue. I bought a Gigabyte GA-7TESM dual 1366 motherboard and a Supermicro CSE-835TQ 3U case, both refurbished. The chassis has dual redundant 1200w p/s. I've installed everything correctly, except the OH LED and Intrusion Detection. I cannot...
  7. chriscambridge

    AMD EPYC 7351P + GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 = 7 GPUS?

    Hi Guys, I just saw the review on the AMD EPYC 7351P CPU but it did not really go into GPU usage so I thought I would do a post in here to get some feedback and or advice on this. We are looking to build a 7 GPU rack using the EPCY so we can take advantage of the 128 PCIE lanes, basically...
  8. C

    Any specific requirement for a Mobo to read power stats from the PSU?

    I have a Gigabyte MX31-BS0 and while all sensors and such work just fine, my existing PSU didn't seem to be recognized in the ipmi management console and thus no power consumption is reported. I would really like to be able to see that so before I go out and buy a new PSU, just wanted to check...
  9. D

    GIGABYTE EL-20 Debian 8.5 Minimal Server install guide

    Hi Guys, As you might know, Debian 8.5 isn't officially supported on Intel's Bear Ridge platform. However, with a customer here in Asia, we've got everything up and running on our boxes and I think this might help some of you out there who are stuck in with a similar challenge. Sorry for the...
  10. D

    Personal Introduction Thread

    Hi guys, I'm Dennis from GIGABYTE's "server" team, officially we're the "NCBU" - Networking and Communications Business Unit, and basically we handle the B2B side of business (that's why we have a different website than the consumer stuff from gigabyte: GIGABYTE B2B Service - Server...
  11. Patrick

    Reference Material Gigabyte IPMI Default Login and Password

    When logging into a Gigabyte IPMI interface on one of their server motherboards, one is prompted for a login (username) and password. On modern Gigabyte IPMI interfaces the default login/ password is: Login: admin Password: password Here is what the login screen looks like: The management...