1. J

    Juniper NS5400 help to upgrade old to new version 6.3r25

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me with the image software for an old Juniper NS5400 Firewall with the last or our best version +v6.2 and the load checker because I can't load with no corporative email. Best regards
  2. R

    Home Build of Firewall / Monitor Help

    I am a bit of newbie (ok, all the way new to this) when it comes to home firewalls. My requirements seem to be a bit different than what I have seen others doing. I am looking to add edge security to my home network with a few twists. My requirements/needs are these: 1. Firewall/IPS 2. Malware...
  3. O

    Anyone have experience with Opnsense?

    i need to realize a new firewal with some function (qos/shaping/failover) on an alix apu2c4 board. now i use iptables only but only console managemetn is hard on complex situation.... pfsense vs opnsense? suggestion?
  4. U

    Difference between A1SRi-2758F and A1SAi-2750F?

    Hi all, I'd like to buy up a 2nd-hand C2000 board (after checking that it's a newer revision that doesn't suffer from "that" notorious bug, of course). What are the notable differences between the Supermicro A1SRi-2758F and A1SAi-2750F? Requirements: mini-ITX form factor and silent (or...
  5. S

    pfSense - Multiple Adapters with Multiple Subnets with Multiple Gateways

    OK, I've been poking at this for 2 hours now and I can't figure out what I'm missing. Internet-----------------WAN (em0)-------- |-----------|--------VMX0-----------( | pfSense | Internet-----WAN (em0)----OpenVPN----|-----------|--------VMX1----------(
  6. N

    Firewall / Gateway / Router recommendation?

    Just moved to a new house and I now have an ATT Uverse 1gbps connection. Which sounds great, but my old Sophos box just cant seem to do much beyond 200mbps. I recently bought a UBNT USG, but after messing with it for about 5 hours I put it all back in the box. Besides the fact that it didnt...
  7. tby

    Juniper Netscreen 5400 30Gb/s firewalls $1,000/ea obo

    I put these up on eBay but figured someone here might be interested. I've got two Juniper NS-5400 equipped as follows: NS-5000-MGT3 NS-5000-2XGE-G4 2x NS-5000-8G2-G4 3x 150w PSU That's 2x 10GbE XFP and 16x GbE SFP ports. According to the data sheet they firewall at up to 30Gb/s, VPN / IPSec at...