1. P

    Replacement power supply for Topton N100 4-port

    Hello I received my Topton N100 4 port firewall 12th Gen, the same one Patrick reviewed in Link to YouTube video. Eveything is fine with the firewall but I want to replace the power supply as I have no confidence in it. I have been trying to find 12V 60W power supplies with a 2.5mm barrel jack...
  2. Z

    [FS] CWWK V5 Model B Celeron N5105 4x2.5G Intel i226-V NIC, 16GB RAM, $200

    After watching/reading the reviews on STH for this little unit I decided to get one for myself and try out Proxmox and VMs with PfSense with the intention on going with a multi gig connection. It handles my gigabit connection without any issues and I ended not going multi gig since I don't have...
  3. N

    Tiny homelab Cluster as homelab

    Hey guys, after starting a new job and getting interested about Cluster, shared storage etc. I still can't decide how to start my homelab for testing and maybe some things like a private cloud, Bitwarden etc. and use one of the nodes as a firewall if possible. What I want: low form factor...
  4. D

    I have problem with my pptp VPN client on MikroTik

    Hi, I have problem with my pptp VPN. Bellow there is my config that worked but doesen't work anymore. /ip firewall mangle add action=mark-routing chain=prerouting dst-address-list=Kancl in-interface=bridge1 new-routing-mark=Kancl passthrough=yes src-address-list=XPS /ip firewall nat add...
  5. Alfa147x

    WTB: Is anyone for hire tomorrow? I need someone to configure IPv6 and Wiregaurd on my OPNsense Firewall before the 24hrs of Daytona (SOLD)

    (This request is complete) Budget: $150 USD I need someone to walk me through the following: I am on a residential cable connection (Charter) and have not been able to configure IPv6 properly. I need some troubleshooting help here. More importantly, I would like to route traffic from an Apple...
  6. Z

    FS: Sonicwall TZ600

    For Sale used TZ600 $150+shipping (US only)
  7. Z

    FS: $299 Sonicwall TZ400 and TZ350 + BONUS TZ215 (Jul 1 2022 lics)

    Selling a TZ400 and TZ350 that we replaced with Meraki MXs. Both the TZ400 and TZ350 have lics till Jul 1 2022 . The TZ350 is under warranty till Mar 5 2022 . TZ215 is added as a bonus (no support or lics) All come with power supplies as well. FS: $750 $299 + shipping + BONUS TZ215
  8. Alfa147x

    Which router/firewwall OS for HoneyComb LX2 ?

    I currently have moved from Sophos XG to OPNSense on my AM1 box for my routing and FW needs. Any suggestions on an off-the-shelf OS solution? I really like OpnSense so I may hold off on the upgrade unless there is some convincing OSs for ARM. HCL:HoneyComb LX2K Current AM1 setup: AMD...
  9. C

    SOLD - [US-PA] OPNsense DEC3840 Firewall

    Edit: This has been sold Selling this DEC3840 that has been upgraded. Shipping via FedEx is included to CONUS from 15272. Only accepting Paypal invoice. DEC3840 Board: Netboard A20 CPU: AMD Embedded EPYC 3101 (Quad Core 2.1Ghz max turbo frequency 2.9Ghz. – 35W – No GPU) RAM: 64GB (2 x SK...
  10. T

    Advise on server for Business Intelligence training

    Hi all I am currently in the process of starting up at consultancy within the data Engineering / Architecture and Business Intelligence area. One leg of my invisioned business would be training in the use of SQL Server, and excel, for analytics staff in larger companies. I would like to build...
  11. J

    [WTB US-MD] Super Micro SuperServer 5018D-FN8T (or the like)

    I want to replace my Unifi Dream Machine Pro and go with a custom system / setup and I am ideally looking for something like the SuperMicro SuperServer 5018D-FN8T - primarily because it has at least one 10Gbit / SFP+ and a handful of 1Gbit ports and a beefy enough CPU for what it is supposed to...
  12. D

    Intrusion detection / prevention for home network IoT devices

    Hi all – What are some good solutions for firewall and IDS/IPS that can help prevent or mitigate IoT exploits? I want to get more insight into the traffic and behavior of smart home devices on the network. I'm especially concerned about cameras and security systems, scenarios like the recent...
  13. AveryFreeman

    Setting up routing between 2 different subnets - what are the basics?

    Hey, So this might be kind of complicated - so far it's a bit over my head, but I know it's absolutely possible. I'm trying to set up routing between two subnets with an AD trust between the two of them, but let's put the AD/IPA trust aside for a minute, because none of it will work without...
  14. Z

    WTB: Meraki hardware (MX)

    Looking for Meraki gear MX, 67, MX75, MX85 or 105 / 250 larger firewalls. (updated 12/20/22) Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  15. U

    Reliable router/firewall with good VLAN and QOS support for home?

    Hi - I'm looking to set up multiple VLANS at home to isolate primary computers, iot, guest network, cameras. Given the working from home situation, I also want to have configurable QOS to make sure my video meetings maintain bandwidth when someone is watching netflix. I'm going to be upgrading...
  16. L

    Firewall Appliance QuadCore, 6GB RAM, PCIe - Sophos XG

    Hi guys, as the range of Qotoms, Zotacs, etc has a very vast breath by now, I'd like to know what appliances you are using for your firewall builds. More specifically, the appliance I'm scouting shall serve as stand-alone device together with a virtualized copy of Sophos XG. As the Home version...
  17. Z

    WTB: Meraki MX84 / MX100 (with licenses)

    Looking for someone who has a Cisco Meraki MX84 or MX100 (MX80/MX90 EOS) that still has a license. Let me know what you have and how long is left on your dashboard. Thanks!
  18. N

    EU FS: Cisco ASA firewall 5508-x with firePower

    Hey, as i have upgraded my current setup, my "old" firewall has become redundant, and therefore set for sale. Is has been used privately and in enterprise. It works 100%. It is upgraded to the latest recommended release. regarding shipping, let's discuss it if a deal is done. i'm prepared to...
  19. N

    EU Cisco ASA 5508-x with firePower

    Hey, as i have upgraded my current setup, my "old" firewall has become redundant, and therefore set for sale. Is has been used privately and in enterprise. It works 100%. It is upgraded to the latest recommended release. regarding shipping, let's discuss it if a deal is done. i'm prepared to...
  20. V

    HP ThinClient T620 GX-415GA 4-core (standard/slim, not Plus) -- $25/$35

    Ebay, same seller. 99.9% positive feedback. Both 'variants' come with 8GB RAM & power supply. No OS. No wireless listed. Seller refurbished. With 64GB SSD - $35 shipped (US) HP Thin Client T620 | AMD GX-415GA 1.5GHz | 64GB SSD | 8GB RAM | NO OS | eBay More than 10 available at time of posting...