1. A

    Case for homelab

    Hi, Im in the process of looking for a new build, to act as a home server lab. The lab is mostly running idle, but i sometimes have to spawn several big K8S clusters, with virtually redundant SQL clusters for testing = 100GB ram consumed. So im planning on buying this: 1 x AMD Ryzen 7800X3D (In...
  2. I

    My HDDs get too hot. What type of fans do I need?

    Hi everyone, I have 2 unraid servers that get too hot when parity syncing, especially in the summer, so it is time to change the fans (original fans that came with the case). I like the cases I am using, and you cannot find anything similar these days, but due to their idiosyncrasies, I am not...
  3. L

    Cooler / Case for X570-D4U-2L2T + 5950X

    So I'm getting the final pieces together for my NAS build. Just got my AsRock Rack X570-D4U-2L2T, already had my 5950X, and now I need a CPU cooler. My priorities go as follows: 1) Reliability, this server is going to host my NAS which will hold very important data. (I'm not sure if this...
  4. G

    Mod of Supermicro SuperChassis 933T

    Does somebody know if I can mod a Supermicro 933T and exchange the triple-redundant (Sp382-ts 380W) for a p920-SQ and exchanging the powerboard. Is there a lot of modification needed? If not, somebody knows if the fans of Sp382-ts 380W are very noisy?
  5. The Gecko

    Supermicro PSUs in an ATX Workstation

    Build’s Name: Toxic Orange Operating System/ Storage Platform: Windows 10 CPU: Ryzen 3700 Pro Motherboard: ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE Chassis: Fractal Define S2 Tempered Glass Drives: XPG SX8200 Pro v1 2TB NVMe RAM: 64 GiB (16x4) DDR4 ECC v-Color TE416G26D819VK-VKC clocked at 3200 Add-in Cards...
  6. AveryFreeman

    Supermicro 826 backplane in 825 case, anyone tried it?

    Hey, I'm stuck with a Supermicro CSE-825TQ-R540UB case, and I just got a new motherboard for it, and now I'm realizing there's only the TQ-style backplanes available for it, I can't upgrade it to a backplane with a SAS expander (for multipath) I was wondering if anyone's tried to put an 826...
  7. N

    Clarification on Expander use with JBOD

    I'm building my own JBOD case using a cut down rack case, and 3x Supermicro M35T racks installed which are all SATA connections (5 per M35T - so 15 total requred) I thought you could have breakout cables from 8088 to 8077 with more than 4 SATA connections but that doesn't seem to be the case...
  8. P

    GONE: (QTY 2) NORCO RPC-4224 4U Rackmount Server Case with 24 Hot-Swappable SATA/SAS Drive B

    Two chassis pulled from working environments. Believed to be fully functional but can't be guaranteed. CHASSIS (QTY 2) NORCO RPC-4224 4U Rackmount Server Case with 24 Hot-Swappable SATA/SAS Drive Bays $0 but you must pay for full shipping costs from Burbank, CA or provide local pickup during...
  9. AveryFreeman

    Replace fans in Supermicro SM-826TQ 2U case?

    Hi, I have a supermicro 2U case which I love, but it's in my office and it's a little loud for office work (can even be heard over my switch, which is also loud). My girlfriend has also been complaining about it recently. I replaced (most) the fans in the switch with noctunas, which I had to...
  10. U

    Fractal Design Define XL R2 or R6?

    Hello! I'm building a dual E5 tower server, whose primary function will be to function as a powerful virtualization host. I am also considering using it as a file server too, most likely using ZFS. The primary NAS on my network will run FreeNAS in a different box (the U-NAS 800). The dual E5...
  11. J

    Supermicro A1SRi-2758F PS / fan / case recommendation

    Hello, I recently purchased this board, installed 8gb memory (the board has AVG54 the 'fix' applied by Supermicro). Currently it is running PFSense in a (large) 4u rack case, and powered by an ATX 430 PS. I'm interested in downsizing to a 1u case. Lower power consumption is a concern...
  12. AveryFreeman

    Help! Supermicro case shutting self off after a few minutes

    Hi everyone, I have a new computer I'm trying to put together, it's an X9SPU-F and a SC825-5 case from Supermicro. I've never built a full supermicro computer before, I've just used their motherboards in other manufacturer's cases, so I'm a little confused by some of the intricacies of their...
  13. realtomatoes

    how much of a dust magnet is a Silverstone CS380?

    i was wondering if we got some users who own or owned a Silverstone CS380. was reading the manual for the case when i noticed it didn't have any filters on it. was wondering how dusty these things get.
  14. AveryFreeman

    Cutting apart a Supermicro case ... experiences?

    Hi, so I have this strange layout Supermicro motherboard that I got cheap on eBay. Thought it was worth it at $35 for an E3 board, but it's turning out to be more work than it's worth. I have it in a standard ATX case but I can't use any of the expansion slots because it requires a riser...
  15. C

    FS: COCylist Stuff For Sale - 64gb DDR3, X99 MB, Netgear X4S, +more

    I'll update this listing as pieces are sold, so if you see it here, it's still available. i7-5820K - SOLD Original owner, comes with box. Never overclocked since it was used in a test server where stability was my top priority. ASRock OC Formula X99 LGA2011-3 - $200 Original owner, comes with...
  16. Larson

    WTB: Fractal Design Define R5 case

    Fractal Design Define R5 case for my new home/office server, preferably the default black, no window.
  17. M

    CoolerMaster Cosmos II $248 on TigerDirect

    Newegg and various ebay sellers have it for at least $80 more. I'm looking at it for a quiet solution to hold a bunch of hard drives. Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case