1. djscal

    FS: Icy Dock MB674SPF-B Tray-less 4 in 3 SATA I & II Internal Raid Backplane $40 OBO

    Selling 1 Icy Dock MB674SPF-B backplane (used) fits in three 5.25" bays and officially accommodates four 3.5" Sata I/II hard drives (I found that it supports 6 gb/s Sata drives fine - even though it doesn't state that in it's specifications). I've used this backplane for a few years with...
  2. P

    Backplane for dual port SAS SSD (Samsung SM1625)

    Hi! I have around 20 x 500gb Samsung SM1625 SAS SSD's nad am looking for a way to use them. I also have 2 x 6g Dell HBA's: link my plan is to use these two cards with SFF-8088 to SFF-8087 cables: link The question is, where can I find a backplane that can support these drives in dual port...
  3. B

    Enterprise SAS and Consumer SATA on the Same Backplane?

    I have a bunch of consumer SATA disks but I need more space and I'm looking at enterprise disks. The price premium to go enterprise isn't that much at the larger sizes. I have a Supermicro SC847 with SAS3 backplanes. My HBA is an m1015 but I plan to upgrade to an SAS3 HBA at some point. My...
  4. I

    UART connector pinout/adapter for Supermicro SAS backplanes?

    All Supermicro 8x6 backplanes have a 4-pin UART connector which should allow some kind of CLI access and possibly SMP. Is anyone aware of the pinout and whether a level converter is required, before I have to dig out my multimeter and the backplane to figure things out?