FS: Icy Dock MB674SPF-B Tray-less 4 in 3 SATA I & II Internal Raid Backplane $40 OBO

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Jul 22, 2014
Redondo Beach, California
Selling 1 Icy Dock MB674SPF-B backplane (used) fits in three 5.25" bays and officially accommodates four 3.5" Sata I/II hard drives (I found that it supports 6 gb/s Sata drives fine - even though it doesn't state that in it's specifications).

I've used this backplane for a few years with Western Digital Red 4tb drives and it has worked perfectly - however if you intend to use the new Western Digital Red 8tb drives - they won't physically fit. I don't know if the newer 6tb red drives will fit. I was quite surprised that the new 8tb red drives were physically larger than the old red drives.

What's nice about this backplane is that it doesn't use trays - you just slide in the drive.

More info and specs: MB674SPF-B_Discontinued Items (USA)_3.5" HDD CAGES_ICY DOCK manufacturer Removable enclosure, Screwless hard drive enclosure, SAS SATA Mobile Rack, DVR Surveillance Recording, Video Audio Editing, SATA portable hard drive enclosure

Supports hot swap if your raid controller/hba do also.

The back of the backplane takes two molex power ports and four sata plugs. There is also a switch to control the fan on the back.

$40 obo


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