What I can do with this stuff??

Discussion in 'DIY and Makers Spot' started by karl_azytzeen, Dec 29, 2018.

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    Dec 29, 2018
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    Good morning ppl, i had found some stuff that was prepared to be disposed in my work and i took it, cause it looks in pretty good condition.
    Please, can you help me deciding what I can do with it, or what/where they can be useful for?
    A little background: in my job wen we need a computer running something, always we install A and B computers, hot and stand-by running trought a KVM. Here i took the parts of both computers that were in a reasonable good condition, but i can clearly see which one is A and what is the Backup one. They probalby where located in a office, in a control operation point of our power grid(dedectod trought some stikers in the chasis.

    Motherboard: 2x Supermicro X7DBE-X.
    CPU: 4x Intel Xeon 5410
    VGA: 3x Datapath Vantage 4 pro (I found 5 but 2 had clear sign of burn in a SMD).
    PSU: 2x Supermicro PWS-865-PQ
    FAN: 8x Supermicro (san ace 2800 rpm) fan-0104L4
    Caddy: 11x 3.5 caddy mount (the chassis only had 8 so i had 3 spares).
    CHASIS: 1x Supermicro SC743TQ
    Cooler: 4x Stock crappy intel coolers

    No ram installed.
    No hard drives installed.

    Just now im bilding a ZFS file server (by now i had 5x8tb WD80EZAZ), supremicro X11SSH-CTF, Cooler master 212 Led), maybe I can mix this with some of that stuff... but im not really sure if they are even compatible.
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    Jun 10, 2018
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    It's not worth it. The CPU is Nehalem, which is not cost effective anymore, the video card is old, the PSU can probably be replaced by something 80PLUS for not very much, the chassis is kinda meh, and I doubt that you can reuse the caddies on the newer X11 chassis. Just leave them alone.
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    Dec 29, 2010
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    Nehalem was Xeon 5500 right? this is before that?

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