1. Z

    Supermicro (AS -2125HS-TNR) NMVe to SATA Conversion

    The Supermicro 2U Hyper A+ Server (AS -2125HS-TNR) can run in a 24 bay NVMe mode or in a 24 bay SATA mode (as well as other modes). Mine is configured in the 24 NMVe mode, but I want to change it to the 24 SATA. The manual for this computer shows how the connections should be made between the...
  2. K

    Dell T620 12 LFF Backplane Signal Cable Pinout

    Howdo, First of all, yes, I'm a massive sucker for punishment so remember that and bare with me I got an amazing deal on a Dell T620 recently from a scrap merchant of all places. It has a 12 bay 3.5" SAS setup that came full of 600GB SAS drives (two failed), single Xeon cpu but the 8 core...
  3. G

    How can I make this SATA backplane fit my chassis?

    I purchased a chinese 4 port hotswap chassis from taobao. The backplane that it came with is faulty and makes my linux system unstable (disks directly attached to my motherboard work just fine). I purchased a different backplane and upon eye inspection and see in the photos below; the original...
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    Supermicro BPN-SAS3-826EL1-N4 / 4x NVMe + 12 Gb SAS/SATA-

    eBay source :: Supermicro BPN-SAS3-826EL1-N4 12-Bay LFF Expander Rückwandplatine 4x NVMe 12 Gb SAS/SATA | eBay Not 100% sure everybody sees this as an opportunity but seller accepts ~110US$ offers. Haven't seen these backplanes in a while, specially in the EU. If you collect several items and...
  5. D

    SuperMicro 16 bay SAS Backplane only recognizing 12 bays

    Hi, I recently purchased two refurbished Supermicro SC836TQ (3U, 16bay) chassis with SAS backplanes (Standard SAS836-TQ planes). One works perfectly fine, but the other fails to recognize/initialize any disks installed in right-most column. Unfortunately, I'm a little out of my depth in...
  6. B

    Can I use the BPN-NVMe3-216N-S4 backplane with any SC216 chassis?

    The accessories page of Supermicro has the following description for the BPN-NVMe3-216N-S4 backplane: So is it compatible with any SC216 chassis? They all have 24 bays - 2U Chassis | Chassis | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc.
  7. M

    Upgrade PowerEdge R900 with modern motherboard

    Hi! The goal is to upgrade my existing R900 with mobo which supports AMD Ryzen CPU and still use backplane for connecting 5 x 3.5" SATA drives controlled by HBA in IT mode. Wondering if you know the description of pinouts for signal connectors on the backplane of R900? Please find details on...
  8. P

    SuperMicro CSE-829U no backplane - what to get?

    Hey guys, I put a bid in on a server on ebay - the CSE-829U x10dru-i+, didn't realize until later it had no backplane. No big deal, but I see there are shit tons of variants, and as long as I'm going to put one in, I figure I'll ask some people with more experience than me what to get? I could...
  9. G

    EU Done ... [WTB] Supermicro Backplane SAS-213A - 16 X 2.5"

    I'm looking for a SAS-213A backplane for the Supermicro CSE-213. Has to be shipped to Germany or Malta. Considering offers from GB and US as well if costs all in making sense. Thanks
  10. L

    BPN-SAS2-846EL1 coil whine?

    I recently purchased a used supermicro 36 bay server (SV-6047R-E1R36N) and the front backplane has a fairly noticable high pitched noise/coil whine when running, and unfortunately since this is going to be set up in a living space it's something I will need to resolve. I've tried swapping out...
  11. O

    SAS Backplane for DIY Workstation

    Is there a recommended SAS2 (or SAS3) backplane for DIY workstation builds? 4 drives preferred. 8 would be awesome (if that's possible) 3.5" drives preferred. If not, then 2.5 would be interesting Installed within regular ATX or large ATX case ATX or CEB motherboard cases, like the Asus X99-E...
  12. E

    Router Build Question

    Hi All, thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to setup a 10gbe PFSense server on some Supermicro hardware that I bought on eBay. I am trying to figure out if I have enough PCIe lanes for both the 10gbe NIC and a Samsung 970 evo in one of these enclosures. Any thoughts? Separately, does...
  13. L

    Hoping for a low cost switch with strong backplane, 4x1Gb, 4x10Gb and decent LACP handling

    New member. Love the YouTube videos. Hoping this is a good place for me to ask this question: I'm really in need of a lower cost 4x 1000BASE-T + 4x 10Gb (at least two SPF+) switch with decent backplane and good LACP handling. I'm having trouble searching the web for a a lower cost switch, so...
  14. F

    Supermicro Backplane Compatibility (CSE-827)

    Does anyone know if the backplane (BPN-SAS-827HD) in the SuperServer 6026TT-HDTRF (2U, 12-bay LFF, 2-node) can be replaced with a backplane (BPN-SAS-826A) for the CSE-826 chassis? The Twin backplane uses proprietary connections to connect 6 drives to each motherboard. I'd prefer SFF-8087 ports...
  15. N

    LSI 9207-8i, Expander and 24 SSDs (Beginner Confusion)

    I have an LSI 9207-8i card (2 ports) connected to an expander (Supermicro SAS-216EL, 3 ports) via a single mini-SAS cable, which is connected to a 24-drive backplane (Supermicro BPN-SAS-216EB, able to hold a 2nd expander). There should eventually be 24 SATA3 SSDs connected to this backplane...
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    New member, new build, need advice

    OK! wow.... what a great community STH is. I wish I would have known about this place sooner. I have been doing a lot of reading the past week. This has led to the typical highs, feeling like I know what I want, and lows, feeling like I know nothing about what is out there. That being said, I am...
  17. C

    CSE-847 Drive Disconnecting Issues

    I'm struggling a bit getting my server running well and was hoping you could answer some questions that I have. Current setup: - Supermicro CSE-847 case - Supermicro SAS2-846EL1 backplane - Supermicro SAS2-826EL1 backplane - Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 HBA - Intel i7-4770k CPU - ASRock Z97...
  18. L

    Are drives hot swappable without a BackPlane?

    So, I see chassis that are often advertised as "Hot Swappable" which, typically means they have a backplane of sorts. My question is, are drive not connected to a back plane hot swappable? For example, if I have drive connected to my Perc H310, using SSH 8087 to SATA breakout cables, would...
  19. S

    FS - Chenbro 4U EATX chassis + extras

    I'm in Northern Virginia and have a Craigslist ad going for this one. Thought I'd post it here in case there is anyone locally that might be interested. I have a Chenbro 4U server chassis that was used for a couple of project builds. The chassis will fit EATX motherboards (it previously had a...
  20. K

    What I can do with this stuff??

    Hi! Good morning ppl, i had found some stuff that was prepared to be disposed in my work and i took it, cause it looks in pretty good condition. Please, can you help me deciding what I can do with it, or what/where they can be useful for? A little background: in my job wen we need a computer...