Reference Material HP / HPE Moonshot Unofficial Reference Guide

Similar to what we have for the Dell PowerEdge C6100 and Dell PowerEdge C6220, starting a reference list for the HP / HPE Moonshot. These are fairly complex modular systems so here is a list of parts. Please do share if you find more information/ items not listed.

(See reference here)
  • ProLiant m300 - Single Atom C2750 with 4x SODIMM slots, 1GbE NIC, SATA 2.5" and m.2 storage
  • ProLiant m350 - 4x Intel Atom C2730, 4x SODIMM slots (16GB max/ node), 8GB per node embedded plus 8GB SODIMM. 4x m.2 SATA storage
  • ProLiant m400 - Single AppliedMicro X-Gene 1 (8 core ARM) - 8x SODIMM (64GB max), m.2 SATA
  • ProLiant m510-4c - Xeon D 4 core HPE p/n: 841763-B21
  • ProLiant m510-16c - Xeon D 16 core HPE p/n: 858545-B21
  • ProLiant m700 - 4x AMD Opteron X2150 with Radeon 8000 graphics. 4x 8GB (32GB max), iSSD storage (part number 764976-001 for 4x 64GB)
  • ProLiant - (reserved pending public availability)
  • ProLiant m710 - Single Xeon E3-1284L V3, Iris Pro P5200 graphics, 4x SODIMM (4x 32GB max), m.2 SSD (NVMe)
  • ProLiant m710p - Single Xeon E3-1284L V4, Iris Pro P6300 graphics, 4x SODIMM (4x 32GB max), m.2 SSD (NVMe)
  • ProLiant m800 (see here)- 4x Texas Instruments Keystone II 66AK2H, 8x C66x DSPs per node (32 total), 8GB per node (4x 8GB SODIMMs), 4x m.2 SSD
  • Unnamed part 708917-001 (see here) - 1x Intel Atom S1260 8GB RAM, (assuming 8GB max), 1x 2.5" SATA
  • Unknown part - Intel Xeon D node
  • Moonshot-45G (45x 1Gb) - FastPath
  • Moonshot-45Gc (45x 1Gb) - Comware 7
  • Moonshot-X45Gc (45x 1Gb or 10Gb) - Comware 7
  • Moonshot-180G - (180x 1Gb) - FastPath

Uplink Modules
  • Moonshot 6SFP Uplink Module - 6x 10GbE SFP+ uplinks - Supported switches: 45G and 45Gc
  • Moonshot 4QSFP+ Uplink Module - 4x QSFP+ 40GbE - Supported switches: 45XGc and 180G
  • Moonshot 16SFP+ Uplink Module - 16x SFP+ 10GbE - Supported switches: 45XGc and 180G
Management/ Remote Administration
  • Moonshot 1500 Chassis Management Module - CLI/ IPMI GUI and remote serial
  • mRCA - Remote Console Administrator - provides KVM and virtual media capabilities (source) Supported cartridges: m700, m710, m350, m300
  • Moonshot 1500
    • 4.3U height
    • 45 cartridges supported
    • 2x switches
    • 2x uplink modules
    • 4x PSUs
    • 5x Fan modules
If you find more information, please make a post to contribute.
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