1. J

    FS: HP Moonshot M710 Server Cartridges

    I recently stubbed my toe on an HP Moonshot that one of my colleagues thought would make an excellent door-stop (crazy, right?), so I opened it up. Now I'll admit, it's an EXCELLENT door-stop, but we sent most of it for scrap soon after my vehement cursing ended. Here's what I pulled from the...
  2. Patrick

    Hello HPE Moonshot - Initial installation impressions

    Managed to receive a 200lb pallet at the data center loading dock today. The HPE Moonshot has arrived. It is a CS100 performance starter kit. Specs 15x cartridges with quad nodes each with AMD Opteron X2150, 64GB iSSD, 8GB RAM 2x 180 port switches 2x QSFP+ uplink modules 1x Chassis module 4x...
  3. Patrick

    Reference Material HP / HPE Moonshot Unofficial Reference Guide

    Similar to what we have for the Dell PowerEdge C6100 and Dell PowerEdge C6220, starting a reference list for the HP / HPE Moonshot. These are fairly complex modular systems so here is a list of parts. Please do share if you find more information/ items not listed. Cartridges (See reference...