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    Quanta LB4M 48-Port Gigabit Switch Discussion

    try admin with no password I think that is what mine was.
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    Nutanix Community Edition - Invites

    All invites gone.
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    Nutanix Community Edition - Invites

    I've got 5 invites as well if anyone is interested PM me.
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    Forums buried on site redesign

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    I just got one for $60+$12 shipping. Great deal on this expander. I ran one for a while on an unraid box with dual links. All 16 drives had a sata 3 link and ran at full speed.
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    Storage Spaces Monitoring/Alerts

    I'm playing around with storage spaces on 2012r2 and have found decent performance what what I want to do. My question to you guys running it day to day is how are you monitoring the pools for hardware issues? I've seen a few articles talking about a power shell script, but that looked to be...
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    Hyper-V Export to ESXi... I feel stupid even asking.

    When i did this about a year ago i had to choose "vmware pre-allocated image" and ide as the disk type for the conversion or it would never boot. I had a couple of v2 2012 guests that i was able to choose scsi and they worked.
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    Hyper-V Backup

    The built in replication is hard to beat for simplicity.
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    Looking for a disk Management plug-in/software

    run scandisk and look for light?
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    Odd IPMI CPU Temp Issue

    For anyone else that runs into this. I was never able to get the temp reading in the BMC fixed. What i did find was some nifty little fan adapters that reduce fan speed by about 40%. 5 Pcs Computer PC Fan Noise Speed Reduce 4 Pins Resistor Cable Adapter: Electronics These...
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    Odd IPMI CPU Temp Issue

    I have been playing with a gigabyte GA-7TESM and some L5630's. The issue i'm having is that the IPMI (megarec based) shows the CPU temp as almost double of what it is. I know the processor is nice and cold, but the high temp readings is causing the fans to throttle up. Has anyone ran into...
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    Testing XenForo on STH

    No problem, just let me know if you need me to beak anything else. :D
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    Mellanox ConnectX EN 10Gig MNPH29B-XTC OS Compatibility

    i'm still in the process of getting it all setup. 5.5 wasn't hard at all. I hope to be able to really test performance in the next couple of days.
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    Mellanox ConnectX EN 10Gig MNPH29B-XTC OS Compatibility

    That same seller took my offer of $40 each last week. I did find that to get them to work with ESXI 5.5 or 5.1 you have to disable VT-D in the bios.
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    Hyper-V Web Hosting Cluster Exploration

    As far as managing hyper-v server I just ran across the 5nine free manager, looks to be promising. Will be tomorrow before I get to test it out though. 5nine: Virtualization Management, Security and Compliance