WTB - 2U Rackmount Chassis with SAS/SATA (3.5 Drives)

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New Member
Dec 16, 2014
Seattle, WA, USA
Won't take a genius to figure out that Supermicro chassis are a pretty good fit for this list, but let me know what you guys have and how much shipped to Seattle, WA (or if available for pickup if local). Something like a Supermicro SC829, 827, 826 or 825 would fit the bill pretty well.

Absolute requirements:

  1. Rack-mountable (if you don't have rails, it must be possible for me to source them later);
  2. Hot-swappable backplane for at least 8 x 3.5 drives (12 would be better) with caddies/covers;
  3. SAS and SATA support (min SASA/SATA2, strongly prefer SAS3/SATA3);
  4. All LEDs/Buttons in working order (or possible to repair);
  5. Replaceable fans (hot swap or otherwise);
  6. Capable of shipping to WA (or available for pickup if in Seattle area);
  7. Specific model details (or if vendor rebadged OEM, the OEM's model - for example older Citrix Wanscalers were rebadged Supermicro 1u and 2U chassis);
  8. If chassis supports mixed LP and FH slots, have riser cards;
  9. Flexible on form factor, but must support standard sizes in that class (mITX, ATX, eATX etc);
  10. Support for modular I/O shield at rear;
  11. Supports at least one LP slot;

  1. NVMe Support (probably dreaming here);
  2. Platinum or higher PSU efficiency (if chassis supports modular/backplane insertable PSU);
  3. Additional inserts to support 2.5 drives in a 3.5 drive bay;
  4. No missing card brackets at rear;
  5. SFF-8077 connectivity from backplane (and cables included if supported);
  6. Front chassis USB ports (USB2 or better);
  7. Spare HBA if you have one;
  8. Shorter depth;
Flexible on:
  • Form factor (highly doubt I'd need to support anything bigger than ATX);
  • Mixed LP and FH slots (LP are preferred);