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    FS: NetApp FAS2650 HA Storage Array w/ (24) 900GB 10k SAS HDDs

    I no longer have use for this so I am parting ways with my NetApp FAS2650 HA (Dual Controller) Storage array. The system works perfectly and I have zeroed it so it is ready to be reinitialized by the next owner. I am asking $3000 + shipping for the system which includes the following: * (1)...
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    Checking complete disks for errors in OmniOS

    Hi, I just upgraded my server rack with a few more drives, now as 12TB per disk is a lot of space I wanted to check them thoroughly for errors before actually using them. On windows I know of several tools to do that but have no experience/idea for Solaris/OmniOS. What do you usually do for...
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    UEFI boot with Perc H200i in Dell R710

    I've searched for awhile now and can't find what I need. Hopefully the community can help. Hardware: Dell R710 2 x 3TB WD Red 4 x 4TB WD Red Perc H200i flashed to IT mode (P19). MPT firmware ; NVDATA version In UEFI boot mode, I'm trying to install Win server 2016...
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    Virtual Box ● Increase Disk Size ● In Windows

    At some point with VirtualBox I had a VM that needed more space. After looking around I found some way to do it. In this video you can learn /review how to increase your disk size on a windows host. The command to use is: VBoxmanage modifymedium D:\Nouveau dossier\cli-10\cli-10.vmdk –resize 50000