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  2. C

    [FS][US-KY] Ryzen 2600, Sophos APs APX120, APX320, APX530, Fortinet Fortigate APs (FortiAP) 223C, 223E, SuperMicro X10DRi-T

    Sophos Wireless APs (APX Series Access Points | Sophos Wireless Solutions) these are all in great condition in original box with all accessories 1x Sophos APX120 @ $130/ea shipped within US48 3x Sophos APX320 @ $170/ea shipped within US48 2x Sophos APX530 @ $270/ea shipped within US48 1x...
  3. bryan_v

    [FS] 3x Wifi6 4x4 TP-Link AP with 2.5GbE PoE uplink - $175/unit

    Selling my sealed 3 TP-Link EAP660 HD Access Points. Never ended up installing them and moving to a smaller house. Price: $175 USD SHIPPED per unit (or pickup in Downtown Toronto) Power: PoE or included AC Adapter Uplink: 2.5 GbE Antennas: 4x4 Standard: 802.11ax Business/Enterprise Grade More...
  4. Vidmo

    [FS] Ubiquiti UniFi products, (2) UniFi AC HD, (1) UniFi nanoHD

    Making some upgrades to the home network and selling the below. All in excellent working condition and have been de-provisioned, set back to factory defaults. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD...
  5. Bradford

    Upgrade from ER-X for home gigabit

    I'm having to use my current home ER-X for a colocation project. Since ER-X seem unavailable at MSRP right now, and since I'm moving to a location with gigabit internet, I want to consider upgrading. I have the following needs: Gigabit throughout Wireguard support OpenVPN support Low power...
  6. A

    FS: Ubiquiti Unifi Stuff - 2x US‑48‑500W, 2x UAP‑AC‑HD, 2x UAP-IW-HD, US-8-150W, 2x UAP-AC-M

    Making some changes to the home network and selling the below. Located in SE PA 19067 - close to Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia. Willing to travel a bit to meet part way. Shipping is possible, but prefer local. Items: [Sold] Qty 2 US‑48‑500W 48 Port 500W POE Switch...
  7. John Burns

    Ubiquity security breach

    For those of you using UniFi/ ubiquity equipment, you may want to change your passwords and/or enable 2fa. It was reported that they suffered a security breach. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/01/ubiquiti-change-your-password-enable-2fa/
  8. N

    FS:US:CA:Sacramento Ubiquiti UniFi gear

    I have the following gear for sale (no international sales!). Will consider offers especially if you take everything. SOLD in Reddit (3) Unifi AP-AC-Lite Access Points Version Board Revision 33 $50 shipped each $125 for all three. Pending sale USG 3P $60 Pending in Reddit...
  9. ViciousXUSMC

    FS: Ubiquiti UniFi US-24 Managed Gigabit 24-Port Switch

    **SOLD** I just upgraded to 10gb and no longer really have a need for this switch. It is in absolutely perfect "like new" condition as it was just racked in my home for light home use. So no scratches, non-smoking home, has rack ears, etc. I am asking $150 + Shipping for it. Preferred payment...
  10. J

    10Gbe Home Fibre Network

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to setup a home fibre network today however I have encountered a problem. The network looks like this: Chelsio N320-E --》Ubiquiti MMU SFP+ Tranciever --》 SC - LC MM Fibre Cable -- HPE 5406zl(J8436A - SC X2 transciever) The problem I've got is I can't establish a...
  11. B

    FS: Unifi gear (ALL SOLD)

    I've got some Ubiquiti Unifi gear for sale: USG-PRO-4 (qty: 2) - $225 each shipped. UAP-AC-HD (qty: 1) - $225 shipped. SOLD. All items are lightly used, and work perfectly. They will all come factory reset, ready to be adopted. The USG-PRO-4s both include the original boxes, power cords , and...
  12. sfbayzfs

    Ubiquiti access points 15% off at Newegg for newsletter subscribers!

    Coupon code for subscribers only: EMCXEEX26 While 15% isn't amazing, there was discussion of how higher end Ubiquiti APs such as the UAP-AC-HD sell for almost new prices in the FS/WTB area, so this is a good chance to snag some APs at a good price, especially since the higher end ones don't get...
  13. B

    WTB: Unifi US-16-XG and US-16-150W

    Looking to purchase a US-16-150W or US-8-150W switch. Edit: No longer need the US-16-XG.
  14. N

    Need advice for Production Network Upgrade

    Hi, I'm working in an SMB with 30 people. (R&D, software, solidworks) We currently have cisco 2x SG500-52 switch + 2x SG500-24. All computers are connected to 1Gb and a samba server is sharing file over 4 * 1Gb aggregated link. The issue is that current ciscos are interlinked between each other...
  15. M

    FS/FT: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Infinity (ER-8-XG)

    For sale/trade is a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Infinity, new in box. I have a second one that is in testing/production, and don't need this one anymore, so looking to sell/trade. These have (8) SFP+ 10GE interfaces, (1) RJ45 gigabit interface, and (1) RJ45 console port. This unit has dual AC power...
  16. S

    Ubiquiti UAP-AC Lite physical differences between units?

    The older unit on the right has a glossy finish, and doesn't heat up as much but feels lighter. The left unit was purchased on April 20, 2017, and has a felt or almost furry finish. It gets very hot but is somewhat heavier and seems slightly larger but it might be the camera. The older unit...
  17. Geran

    Advice on firewall software/appliance

    So after building up my network over the last couple months with the approval of the boss (aka wife), I believe I'm finally ready to replace my ISP's router with something a little better. My setup consist of the following items currently: Ubiquiti Networks US-48-500W Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO...
  18. A

    Compatible SFR & Optics for Chelsio N320E-SR?

    Hi, Short Version : i am looking fro compatible SFR & Optics for Chelsio N320E-SR? any recommendation? Detail version: I am new to 10gbe and trying to build my first pfsence router, aim is pfsence will be DHCP and gateway for my all WAN 1Gbt and internal LAN 10Gbt. My WAN is 100 UP/100 down...
  19. P

    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Advanced Gigabit ER-X 256MB 5-port

    Can't edit the title. Sheesh. $40, not $50 We have a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X that we used very briefly, but it just wasn't for us. Nice router, solidly built, and highly configurable. Ultimately, we swapped it out after moving into a new office and realizing we wanted a router with wifi built in...
  20. Patrick

    Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG SFP+ Compatibility Thread

    Ahead of our review tomorrow, and since we have several members with the switch, I am starting a SFP+ compatibility thread. The Ubiquiti quick start guide has a non-specific URL so I figured why not make something more specific on which SFP+ modules work with the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG...