1. sfbayzfs

    Ubiquiti access points 15% off at Newegg for newsletter subscribers!

    Coupon code for subscribers only: EMCXEEX26 While 15% isn't amazing, there was discussion of how higher end Ubiquiti APs such as the UAP-AC-HD sell for almost new prices in the FS/WTB area, so this is a good chance to snag some APs at a good price, especially since the higher end ones don't get...
  2. hmartin

    EU PREISKNALLER 10% off until 31.01.2018

    It would appear that has extended their PREISKNALLER 10% off special from December. You can use the coupon code PREISKNALLER for items in your cart to take up to 10% off the item price (up to a total discount of 50€, according to the AGB). The code is limited to 10 uses and apparently...