Tuning ESXi 6.5 (and above) for 100 GbE networking

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Aug 7, 2013
I just got my first 100G network set up last night with two Connect-X 5 cards connecting my TrueNAS box to my ESXi 6.5 box. Out of the box, it works acceptably (80 Gbits/sec via iperf2).

I've seen some articles that cover tweaks that can be made on the TrueNAS (FreeBSD) side to bring down CPU utilization and squeeze a bit more throughput. Are there any similar articles/posts/docs that show how to tweak ESXi when you're using 100 GbE (especially with iSCSI)? Everything I've found so far deals with the networking performance for the VMs, not at the host level.

Thanks in advance!