1. V

    Tagged vlan for motherboard ethernet port and ESXi

    Router switch: Edgerouter X SFP Mobo: Supermicro x10 DAi Os: ESXi My ESXi server will run 2 types of VM: VM for public and VM for private Currently all my devices are on the same vlan. I want to separate a vlan 30 for the public vm Can I achieve this with a single eth port on my mobo? I've set...
  2. M

    ESXi HBA SATA or NVME or Tri-Mode

    Hi Can someone please recommend an HBA on the vmware HCL for ESXi 8.0 that either supports SATA, NVME or both and can be viewed/managed/monitored in ESXi for health/temperature reporting purposes? I just need to boot from the HBA so doesnt have to be large number of ports. Ideally the card...
  3. P

    PM983 device itself not being detected by ESXi (8.0.1)

    I bought 3x MZ1LB1T9HALS PM983 drives off eBay. They are all new with zero hours. I'm trying to use these with ESXi 8. I currently have 970 Evo Plus's that work just fine, even with vSAN. VMware HCL lists minimum supported firmware for the PM983 in 8U1 as EDA7202Q. Mine came with EDA73F2Q...
  4. P

    sas3ircu for VMWare ESXi 8.0U1a / way to monitor RAID array health

    I am trying to get sas3ircu working on VMWare ESXi 8.0U1a to monitor raid1 boot volume health. I have tried basically all of the VIB files I could find, none of them install due to the missing checksum: $ esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/sas3/vmware-esx-sas3ircu.vib...
  5. A

    ESXi edge device: shutdown & power on

    ESXi v8 (running 2 vms), one of the vm's is the firewall. This is an edge device in a medical xray trailer. The trailer's generator gets powered on in the morning & turned off at night. Any good idea's on how I deal with daily ESXi shutdown & power-on?
  6. H

    SuperMicro H12SSL-i SATA interface problem

    I have a Supermicro H12SSL-i motherboard with an ESXI system installed on it. Recently, I want to pass through the hard disk to the virtual machine through the sata controller to the virtual machine. When I opened up the ESXI PCI device passthrough page to try to passthrough a sata controller...
  7. Z

    ESXI 8 - not seeing15.36TB (PM1733 and Kioxia cm6)

    I've tired both a Dell T7920 Rack and Dell T7920 tower and trying to get ESXI 8 to see a Samsung PM1733 15.36TB drive and Kioxia CM6 (I have 8x in total) as a device, to build a datastore. The BIOS CAN SEE the NVME drives (I've attached it via cheap amazon NVME/PCIE adapter, HBA card, and even...
  8. E

    Dell MX7000 - Blade's iDRAC configured and accessible. ESXi on same VLAN not accessible.

    I'm scratching my head on this one. I have a Dell MX7000 in my lab that I just got. It has 7x MX740c blades, and a single MX9116N switch. Since I only have 1x MX9116N switch at the moment, SmartFabric is not available. "Old school" CLI management on this one for now... All firmware is...
  9. G

    ESXI TrueNAS Core 13 VM, at my whit's end

    Hi all, I will try to keep this brief so you don't get bored but get all the info you need in here Hardware Server: Dell T410 CPU: 2x E5-2450 v2 (8C 16T 2.5GHz) Memory: 192GB DDR3 1600 MHz (12 x 16GB) RAID Controller: Dell PERC H710P (used for VM Storage, truenas OS drive is stored...
  10. A

    ITX Build Options for ESXi

    I would like to put together a replacement for a DQ67SW/i7 2600K combo I've been using as an ESXi server as it can't seem to run ESXi 8 and 7.x was flaky at best. Whether it's workstation grade or server grade, I'm trying to understand my options as it doesn't look like there's much available...
  11. T

    Dell T40 vs Raid card

    Hi all I got a Dell T40 less than a year ago as I had to migrate from a HP Microserver. (old one got flooded, long story). I've had a raid card LSI megaraid 9261 in it, which was fairly easily replaced from ebay. But I am running Esxi 6, which I'd like to upgrade to 7 at some stage, but it...
  12. I

    Automatically install ESXi

    Hi! I am new to ESXi. What I want to achieve is automatically install the OS on an x64 hardware from pendrive without video card, IGP, screen using Ventoy. After installing it accessing it via SSH using key based auth on the local network. Is this possible? Regards, inf3rno
  13. L

    iSCSI ZFS block storage options for ESXi with RDMA / RoCE / iSER support

    I'm currently using FreeNAS for iSCSI ZFS block storage for my ESXi server. The FreeNAS box is getting old so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm not currently using any of the other FreeNAS features besides ZFS and iSCSI. I was initially planning to upgrade the FreeNAS box to TrueNAS Core or...
  14. A

    ESXi 7.x/8.x HBA/Storage question.

    Say you have a single SMicro host (single node) with LSI 9300 + 8x SSds. (ESXi is installed on a separate disk). How do you "pool" the storage to make a large datastore?
  15. U

    Looking for a CPU + Mobo combo for a home lab

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a mobo + CPU combination for my home lab. Currently, I have 2x monster ESXi servers, each with 256GB RAM and 12+ cores. I'd like to replace that with a small cluster of 3x (or more) ESXi hosts so that if there is a power outage I can shut down all of the non-essential...
  16. C

    Native VLAN Challenge - Ruckus AP & ESXi

    edit1: I rethink it over and find that the problem arises when ESXi puts different tagged VLAN traffic to different VMs; native traffic is discarded and never able to reach DHCP server which is in a VM. Could it be solved if I run say a Windows server with DHCP that handles DHCP for all VLANs...
  17. W

    Looking for advice on running unsupported Truenas configs

    So I am trying to consolidate my lab into one device. I currently have a Dell R720, Dell R520, and a custom build server I am running. The R720 is my main server. The R520 is supposed to be my bulk storage, but I haven't used it since I put it together. The custom build server was supposed to...
  18. K

    VMWare ESXI - Ubuntu Server 20.04.03 with RTX3070 - GPU Passthrough broken

    I have an EPYC/Supermicro server build with the below specs running ESXi 7.0 U2 and have been using GPU pass through to provide a 3070 to my Ubuntu Server VM. This has worked flawlessly for about 6 months until a few days ago when the GPU spontaneously is no longer recognized by the Nvidia...
  19. T

    Virtualizing TNSR alongside VMs on ESXi 7

    Software company I work for are starting to check how secure home labs are. Good idea but means I need to get a few things redesigned. I need to build a more secure zone in my home network in to which I can deploy and run various VM’s.. I was planning to convert my home network to 10GBE (mainly...
  20. AveryFreeman

    Ideas for using LVM+BTRFS clone and keeping up to date?

    So this is fun, I just woke up to a clone job of my laptop being finished, it was kind of an experiment. It runs OpenSUSE, so it's got a BTRFS root and snapshots triggered by package manager. I wanted to back it up so I could have a copy of the machine to run elsewhere, here's how I did it...